All the winners of the Valorant First Strike

The Valorant First Strike took place throughout the November before ending on a high note during the main event from 3rd to 6th December. The best Valorant teams from around the world competed against their local rivals.

Now that all the tournaments are over, let's take stock of the 18 Champion of the Valorant First Strike teams from east to west.

Valorant First Strike Japan
Absolute JUPITER

No surprise in Japan. The Absolute JUPITER are by far the best players in their region. They've proven that since the release of Valorant and the First Strike was no exception. They only conceded one map of the entire competition.

Final leaderboard:

1st. Absolute JUPITER
2nd. BlackBird Ignis
4th. DetonatioN Gaming

5th. Crazy Raccoon
5th. SCARZ
5th. FAV gaming
5th. Sengoku Gaming

Valorant First Strike Korea
Vistion Strikers

Like the Japanese Valorant First Strike, the favourites won the competition. The superiority of Vision Strikers is never really questioned in the country of esports.

Final leaderboard:

1st. Vision Strikers
2nd. TNL Esports
3rd. Cloud9 Korea
3rd. aNg DarkHorse

5th. F4Q
5th. Crazy Hamster
5th. T1 KR

Valorant First Strike Oceania
EXO Clan

This is the Australian team EXO Clan which won the Valorant First Strike of Oceania. This formation, composed of former pro Counter-Strike players, crushed their opponents and rarely conceded more than 6 rounds in a game.

Final leaderboard:

1st. EXO Clan
2nd. ORDER
3rd. Legacy Esports
3rd. Mindfreak

5th. Avant Gaming
5th. Wildcard
5th. Dire Wolves
5th. Gravitas

Valorant First Strike Asia Pacific

The Asian First Strike was actually split into 5 national tournaments. So there are 5 winners for this tournament, one for each country. League of Legends fans will have noticed the presence of Ahq e-Sports Club, champions of Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Thailand: MiTH Attitude
Philippines : Bren Esports
Hong Kong & Taiwan: Ahq e-Sports Club
Malaysia & Singapore: TODAK
Indonesia: Team nxl

Valorant First Strike CIS

The Commonwealth of Independent States' First Strike had the tightest final in the world. Team forZe ended up winning by playing 5 maps, when Team Singularity almost did a reverse sweep.

Final leaderboard:

1st. forZe
2nd. Team Singularity
3rd. Gambit

5th. Aim Attack
5th. One Breath Gaming
5th. AoeXe
5th. Axsor

Valorant First Strike Turkey
BBL Esports

We have seen BBL Esports very regularly shine by participating in the European Ignition Series. So we naturally expected to see them win the Turkish tournament and they didn't disappoint us, even though the games were pretty close.

Final leaderboard:

1st. BBL Esports
2nd. Futbolist
3rd. Oxygen Esports
4th. Mod-Z Esports

5th. Sangai Esports
5th. Anatolia Esports
7th. HaZe Clan
7th. Beşiktaş Esports

Valorant First Strike MENA

Like the First Strike in Pacific Asia, the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) First Strike was split into several tournaments.


GGC & Iraq: RvN
Levant & Egypt : NASR Esports
North Africa: Fox Gaming

Valorant First Strike Europe
Team Heretics

The Team Heretics achieved a feat by beating Team Liquid and G2 Esports. This team became European Champion only 2 months after its creation, beating SUMN FC in final.

Final leaderboard:

1st. Team Heretics
2nd. SUMN FC
3rd. G2 Esports
3rd. FunPlus Phoenix

5th. Team Liquid
5th. Orgless
5th. Purple Cobras
5th. nolpenki

Valorant First Strike LATAM
North: LazerKlan - South: Estral Esports

The Valorant First Strike of Latin America was split into two different competitions. In the north, LazerKlan won all of their group matches and went straight to the final, before winning the tournament. Same scenario in the south for Estral Esports.

North – Final leaderboard:

1st. LazerKlan
2nd. LDM Esports
3rd Infinity Esports
4th. Penguins of the Night

5th. Arctic Gaming Mexico
6th. IGNIS Esports
7th. Atletica Pro Gaming 9
8th. OG Esports

South – Final leaderboard:

1st. Estral Esports
2nd. DKS Esports
3rd. 9z Team
4th. Rebirth Esports

5th. Australs
6th. Furious Gaming
7th. Feint Gaming
8e. Dylema Gaming

Valorant First Strike Brazil

The Gamelanders won the Brazilian First Strike with a unique feature: they completed all the tournament maps by winning 13 rounds... even when they lost the map. For example, they beat paiN Gaming in final, with scores of 13-5, 13-15, 13-6 and 13-8.

Final leaderboard:

1st. Gamelanders
2nd. paiN Gaming
3rd. B4
3rd. Havan Liberty

5th. INGAMING Esports
5th. Team oNe
5th. Vorax
5th. Imperial Esports

Valorant First Strike North America
100 Thieves

The 100 Thieves' victory is the culmination of a long journey, full of difficulties and mockery from their opponents. In the end, only the talent spoke, in this final looking like a second leg against TSM.

Final leaderboard:

1st. 100 Thieves
2nd. TSM
3rd. Team Envy
3rd. Sentinels

5th. Immortals
5th. Renegades
5th. T1
5th. FaZe Clan

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