First Strike Prodigy players become Orgless

This weekend, the team Prodigy has qualified for the Valorant First Strike EU after two weeks of intense competition . As a result of this achievement, Prodigy and its players decided to rename the team: Orgless.

It must be said that the Prodigy team was not a team strictly speaking. Prodigy Agency is first and foremost an esports talent agency, as the name suggests. Many players in the Valorant scene are represented by Prodigy, starting with Mixwell (G2 Esports) and ScreaM (Team Liquid). Prodigy is not about creating and managing teams, only its players. This name change makes it possible to separate the agency from a proper esports organisation.

Announcement tweet of Orgless

The Orgless so remains a team... without organisation (decidedly, the names are well chosen!) made up of players from Prodigy Agency. Its players are the ones who qualified this weekend: Pipson, Happy, Boo, Delezyh and Hoody.

In view of their results, it would not be surprising if structures seek to recruit them in order to be represented on Valorant. We are still waiting for organisations like Fnatic or Vitality to decide to find a team. Marking a clear separation between Prodigy Agency and the Orgless team helps clarify each other's positions and facilitate such development for the team.

Of course, we wish the Orgless good luck, both in their search for organisations, and for the Valorant First Strike EU which will put them in the spotlight. The stakes are therefore doubly important for the team, which has a lot of pressure on its shoulders.