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Team Fearoth wins the Valorant Grand Invitational by Intel

The Valorant Grand Invitational by Intel is over! The fight raged all afternoon, under the commentaries of Laink, Terracid and Hugo Délire. After a much tighter BO5 than the final score suggests, ultimately, Team Fearoth won the final. They win the €5,000 at stake for the winners. Back to a disputed final.

Map 1: Icebox
Team Fearoth |9 - 13| Team Jbzz

The first match took place on Icebox. This was the first time at the Grand Festival Gaming that we saw the latest Valorant map. It was a choice from team Jbzz, knowing pertinently that Fearoth's team was much less comfortable there. A strategy that paid off in the end, Jbzz's team winning this map, not without difficulty, with a score of 13-9.

Blitzen on Jett and Afellay on Killjoy were instrumental throughout this game. Once both players were properly equipped, they made sure that the opponents could not move from point to point without being sniped or slowed. On Bramz side for Fearoth's team, they might have taken the match too lightly. The player made many daring and humiliating choices for his opponents, playing Viper equipped with an Odin and seeking to take the kills with a knife. It didn't impress Mshz at all, who didn't hesitate to leap into the poisonous fumes to kill his opponents.

Map 2: Ascent
Team Fearoth |13 - 10| Team Jbzz

The second game took place on Ascent. Determined not to let it go, Team Fearoth was impeccable in Attack, before showing weaknesses. They used and abused the skill of HyP in command of Skye to engage in the most daring assaults. The Jett and Omen blithely smoked the sites with each assault. This lack of visibility was compensated by the Sova of Fearoth who brought a clear advantage to his team. They thus won the first 8 rounds, before things got complicated. In the 9th round, Mshz offered the first point to his team thanks to an Ace. In the next round, Sven0coca made a triple kill and saved his teammates. Team Jbzz thus made a fantastic comeback to a score of 8-9.

This was without counting on the excellent synchronisation between LaAw on Omen and HyP on Skye. The Omen took full advantage of the diversions offered by Skye's different abilities to arrive in the back of his enemies (even if it meant trolling them by following them a little too long sometimes). Bramz was also flawless on Jett, but it was especially JiNKZ, as good at defending areas as he was at finishing off injured opponents, who won most rounds, especially the hardest ones. Points traded and the game was close, but Team Fearoth ended up winning their final ppoint thanks to a bad timing from Jbzz.

Map 3: Bind
Team Fearoth |13 - 11| Team Jbzz

Almost the reverse scenario happened on Bind. Team Jbzz won the first 6 rounds in Attack thanks to very slow and calculated assaults. The team refused to move forward until they had good information on the opposing positions or a numerical advantage, and it paid off. We can note once again the performance of Afellay in the first half of the map, who notably achieved a 1v4 clutch. Jbzz also wreaked havoc.

At sides' switch, the game still seemed to go to Jbzz's side. His team had a score of 9-5. But once equipped, Team Fearoth proved once again to be better offensively. Fearoth, HyP and Bramz took charge of one site, while LaAw waited mid and JiNKZ monitored the second site. If something went wrong, the team made good use of the teleporters to make rotations that took Team Jbzz by surprise. The final score was tighter than ever, 13-11 for Fearoth.

Map 4: Split
Team Fearoth |13 - 11| Team Jbzz

Split was therefore the last map of the competition... and probably the most contested. Throughout the tournament, we were generally entitled to a series of rounds won by the different teams. But on Split, the players traded tit for tat. Many rounds were hasty, drowned in the flashes of Sven0coca on his Breach or the birds of HyP on his Skye. Jbzz on Raze spammed all his explosives while Blitzen spun with his Jett in search of kills. But it was clearly Mshz who was the most impressive in the Jbzz team. On the Fearoth side, it was LaAw who set the pace for his team for a while, before Bramz took over.

Team Jbzz had a small advantage at sides' switch (7-5), but once again Team Fearoth showed how comfortable they are in Attack. They often managed to plant the Spike, despite all the defenses of the Jbzz team. The game finally ended with a 13-11 in favour of the Fearoth's team which won the Valorant Grand Invitational by Intel at the Grand Festival Gaming.