FeaFeaFea wins the Valorant Cup

The team FeaFeaFea has won the Valorant Cup of the Occitanie Esports. They defeated the team Opportunists after a hotly contested BO5. However, they started with a point behind, due to their loss against these same Opportunits during the Winner Final. They therefore win the €3,000 promised to the winners.

Back to a very eventful final.

1st Match: Ascent

After losing 4-13 to the Opportunits on Ascent, we expected to see team FeaFeaFea lose the first match. What a mistake. The team of fearoth seemed particularly in good shape. They won the first two rounds without losing a single player. A service that set the tone for this entire first map.

Fearoth put his Odin to good use once again, taking numerous kills through the various walls of the map. The Opportunists didn't have time to prepare for their assaults. Especially when Bramz and JiNKZ are watching the smallest head that sticks out. Every player of FeaFeaFea has shone one time or another, achieving triple kills regularly.

FeaFeaFea won Ascent without ever being really worried, on a score of 13-3.

2nd Match: Split

La deuxième manche a également très bien commencé pour FeaFeaFea qui remporte les premiers rounds en Attaque. L’équipe force les Opportunists à jouer la sécurité afin de conserver leurs armes difficilement acquises, vu le peu de kills opérés. Ce gameplay passif a provoqué leur perte dans un round, où ils se sont retrouvés coincés dans les conduits d’aération sous un ultime de Brimstone.

Conscient que la partie commence à nouveau à leur échapper, TaKas started playing very aggressively. Rather than wait and cover the angles, Akumaaa and him started to bypass their opponents, even through FeaFeaFea's offensive smoke bombs. This winning strategy allowed them to come back to a score of 6-6 at sides' switch.

Les Opportunists ont gardé le rythme une fois en attaque. Ils démarrent sur un perfect au pistol round et réussissent ensuite à poser le spike au round suivant. Ils prennent une avance à l’économie sur laquelle ils ont capitalisé un maximum. Une fois les deux équipes stabilisées, le spectacle est devenu explosif. Les Breach et les Raze des deux équipes ont pilonnés les lieux d’affrontements simultanément. Malheureusement pour FeaFeaFea, l’avance au score des Opportunists était trop prononcé pour remonter.

3rd Match: Haven

If one were to rely on the final score of the game, one would think that FeaFeaFea won hands down. Yet each round has been very close. The Opportunists usually took a very serious numerical advantage, thanks to very good actions from Hoppy, but ultimately lost rounds on clutchs and quadrakills from various FeaFeaFea players.

At sides' switch, the score was 8-4. Going on Attack didn't work for the Opportunists either. Despite a quadrakill in one single magazine from TaKaS, the rest of the team struggled to stop the FeaFeaFea players. The latter adopted the same strategy of encirclement as in Defense, with success. FeaFeaFea then won the 3rd map and the two teams were tied in this Grand Final.

Last Match: Bind

The last match of this Occitanie Esports gave most players enough to make fragmovies. Between the Aces, the Quadrakills, and some improbable skillshots, the spectacle was there!

The first half of the game was pretty tight, but to the advantage of the Opportunists. Logan and TaKas provided a very strong defense on the short of both sites. The arrows of Fearoth on his Sova managed to dislodge his opponents a few times, allowing entry to sites. FeaFeaFea did damage control several times, notably thanks to clutches from LaAw, whose Reyna had struggled to convince until now, but who ultimately proved to be decisive.

With a score of 8 to 4 at sides' switch, it was hard to imagine Opportunists losing the final. And yet, the FeaFeaFea, and more particularly JiNKZ offered us a real demonstration. Despite losing in the pistol round, they didn't lose a single round until the end of the game.

On his Killjoy, an Agent rather defensive, he was hugely successful, performing quadrakills one after another. Bramz a également brillé, réalisant également des séries d’exécutions spectaculaires. Les Opportunists semblaient complètement dépassés par l’agressivité des FeaFeaFea et l’ont payé très cher.

While we imagined FeaFeaFea losing this final, they finally proved that they are the best team in France today.