Excel presents its roster for 2022

The organisation Excel recently announced that it is continuing its Valorant adventure with a brand new team, with the exception of Moe40. Today, the team is composed of: Moe40, chiwawa, ozzy, ellly and paTiTek.

A young organisation in Valorant

Excel is a recent addition to the Valorant scene, having only introduced its team in March last year. Despite the lack of competitive experience compared to other organisations, Excel fought particularly well at the VALOTF Spring Tournament, finishing second place.

After this great performance, the organisation made changes for the rest of the VCT by separating with 2 players. The team has since remained unchanged.

New VCT, new team

In order to put all the chances on its side, the British organisation has decided to start with an almost new roster for the Valorant Champions. Indeed, the organisation has renewed the contract of Moe40.

Two former NoPoaching teammates have been added to the team: ozzy and ellly. ozzy, who is a main Omen, came through G2 Esports, with whom he finished 5-8th in the VCT 2021 Phase 2 Challengers 2. ellly , as for him, specialised in Jett and finished 1-4th in the Phase 1 Challengers 1, in which he was MVP.

With paTiTek, Excel has recruited another ex-player from the G2 behemoth. This map control specialist will have to share his heart Agent with ozzy. It is possible that the latter will turn to Astra of Viper, which he already plays alongside Omen.

Since Moe40 mains Sova, chiwawa is the perfect addition to the roster. As a main Cypher, he is a great addition to the team. He is an experienced player who has played for Entropiq and Ninjas in Pyjamas. During this period, he placed 1-4th in both Phase 1 Challengers and even reached the European Masters 1.

Recently, the team took its first steps in this new VCT with the qualification phases. They won their first two games of the season 2-0 against Ignisoul Gaming and Bifrost, encouraging performances for the future.

With this new roster, the organisation intends to be among the best, and who knows, win the second edition of the Valorant Champions!