Evil Geniuses recruits Demon1

The team Evil Geniuses recruits Demon1, a promising youngster who completes their squad. He will be able to shine during the LOCK//IN Brazila tournament that brings together the most renowned structures in the world.

Present on the scene since 2021, Evil Geniuses participated in the VCT North American and qualified for the 2022 Challengers. However, the team failed to win during the VCT Last Chance Qualifier, the last opportunity for them to participate in the Masters and potentially reach the 2022 Champions title.

To prepare for the year 2023, Evil Genuises recruits Max "Demon1" Mazanov. The 20-year-old American is a versatile player who is equally at home on Chamber and Cypher. Until now, he has played for SQN 2.0, with which he won numerous minor competitions. Most recently, he demonstrated his talents at the BloomTV VALORANT Select, which allowed him to be spotted, as did his teammate clear, who recently joined Disguised Toast's team.

It's the third change performed by Evil Geniuses since the end of VCT 2022. The new composition will undergo its baptism of fire at the LOCK//IN Brazil, the opening tournament of the VCT 2023. This will be an opportunity for them and the public to see if this new line-up has potential for the coming year. For their first game , they will face Team Heretics on Wednesday 15th February 2023.