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ESports Connected finalizes its roster with Bazzi

With the formalization of Park ' Bazzi ' Jun-ki, ESports Connecte has officially completed its team. This brand new organisation is one of the future challengers that will enter the competitive scene in 2022.

At the end of the 2021 season, there are many transfers of players from one team to another. Some rosters are completely dissolved, others simply reshaped. The pool of free agents and players at the end of their contracts also favours the appearance of new teams all over the world.

So, in early December, ESports Connected was launched in Korea. The first 4 members of the team were already introduced: k1NgzunbaMoothie and GodDead. The roster is now complete with the announcement of the fifth and final player, Bazzi, former Crazy Raccoon player.

Recently, the organisation Crazy Raccoon parted ways with its roster, to start afresh in the coming season. Bazzi is one of the players who has been released. The former Overwatch player started his professional career as a Valorant player with the Cloud 9 Korea team. At that time, the roster performed well, finishing 3rd of the First Strike Korea.

Unfortunately, it was later disbanded due to restrictions imposed by Riot Games. Bazzi then joined LAG Gaming and then Crazy Raccoon. With Crazy Raccoon, the Korean player proved himself by qualifying for the Berlin Masters and the Valorant Champions. Despite these qualifications, the results were unsatisfactory; results which could explain the recent disband of the Japanese roster.

By joining ESports Connected, Bazzi is embarking on a new adventure. Prior to this announcement, the roster featured several support players: k1Ng with Cypher, zunba with Astra and Moothie who is equally at home on Raze, Sova, Viper or Skye. As a duelist who hands Jett, Bazzi is the perfect addition to this team. Knowing that GodDead is active on Jett and Sova, it is possible that the two comrades will share Jett and that, in parallel, GodDead will specialise with the archer.

Like all the new teams that have emerged and will emerge between now and the start of the 2022 season, ESports Connected is one to keep an eye on. Will the different regions see new stars rise to the top in the next edition of the Valorant Champions Tour ? Suspenseful!