Envy parts ways with mummAy

The team Envy recently announced the departure of mummAy, one of the first players to join the organisation in 2020.

Originally players with 'Together with are terrific', mummAy and his team were recruited by Envy in July 2020, thanks to some great performances. They've made a name for themselves by taking the first place during the Nerd Street Gamers several times, or by taking the second place during the Pittsburgh Knights Tournament Series.

During the VCT, the roster took a first place in Phase 1 of the Challengers 2, followed by a fourth place in Phase 1 of the Masters. Subsequently, the top 3 and 4 places were achieved in the various Challengers phases. But the team seems to be aiming higher, and has recruited Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker to replace mummAy, who was relegated to the bench.

Thanks to its new recruit, Envy reached the Masters final in Berlin, securing a second place and qualification for the Valorant Champions.

The announcement of mummAy's departure last night could be explained by the fact that he mainly plays Jett, as does yay, and that two players of the same Agent are not essential to the team.

In recent weeks, mummAy has played numerous matches with Andbox, which might suggest that he has found his new team. However, nothing has been announced yet but the players himself tweeted that he would be back soon. So we will have to be patient to know his future organisation.