Ec1s joins Ninjas in Pyjamas

More changes at Ninjas in Pyjamas. The organisation is recruiting a new member: Ec1s.

Ec1s is the former captain of Team Liquid. At Mandatory, he is best known as the captain of Fish123, winner of the first edition of the Mandatory Cup ! After six months with Team Liquid, the player was benched in February, before leaving the organisation for good in May.

After a few weeks in different mixes, Ec1s is back on the competitive scene by signing with Ninjas in Pyjamas. He replaces Ex6TenZ, who has an injured arm.. The latter has been suffering from muscular pains in his wrist for several months and which have spread to his back. Forced to rest, the organisation had no choice but to find a substitute.

Ec1s will not have much time to prepare if he wants to prove himself. There is only one tournament left to qualify for the third Valorant Masters, and thus the World Championships.