Dignitas takes Ryann and Rara on trial

With the first matches of the Champions Tour beginning in two days in the United States, it's for the final adjustments for the teams. In particular, there are changes on the Dignitas side which are putting Ryann and Rara on trial.

The Dignitas had a turbulent start on Valorant. In September, they lost Poised and Shanks, before parting ways withOderus earlier this month. This time, it's Supamen who is sidelined, although he's still part of the team for the moment.

With two free places among its team members, the team decides to take two players on trial: ryann and rara.

Ryan « Ryann » Welsh is a former pro in the Counter-Strike scene who left it to switch to Valorant in December. He played for a time with Moon Raccoon, but Dignitas is hist first big organisation.

Noah « Rara » Giesbrecht is a young player revealed by the team T1 Academy. Although he hasn't had the chance to shine in the bigger competitions yet, his few appearances have made a strong impression. He's one of those budding talents who seem mechanically unstoppable.

This new blood should do Dignitas some good, even if it comes shortly before the first Valorant Challengers NA. As a reminder, the rules of the Champions Tour force the teams to keep at least three players present during registration throughout the competition. This means that Dignitas has very fexw leverage to change their squad now. Dephh, Psalm and Makkaloff will have to stay, while Ryann and Rara can still be replaced.

The Diginitas Composition for the Challengers NA:

  • Rbozory “dephh” Jackson
  • Harrison “psalm” Chang
  • Bryan “mAKKALOFF” Drouillard
  • Ryan “ryann” Welsh
  • Noah “rara” Giesbrecht
  • Phat "supamen" Le