DetonatioN Gaming Introduces its new team

Next year, the VCT will be divided into three major regions: EMEA, the Americas and the Pacific. Today we will focus on the latter, or more precisely on one of its teams. Indeed, DetonatioN Gaming, a Japanese organisation, has just unveiled its new roster for VCT 2023.

Like many teams on the Valorant competitive scene, DetonatioN Gaming has been involved in FPS since its inception, initially participating in small tournaments without much at stake.

In early 2021, the team participated in the first Challengers of Japan, alongside teams such as REJECT, SCARZ and FAV Gaming. However, it has accumulated two losses and a draw during the group phase and did not make it to the playoffs. Its VCT adventure ended there, as the roster did not manage to qualify for a Challengers again. The players failed to qualify for Challengers 2 in Phase 1 and Challengers 1 and 2 in Phase 2.

After these various failures, Hate has been transferred to TNL Esports, mittiii at FENNEL, while ZodiaX, mystic and himajun have simply been dismissed. We have not seen DetonatioN Gaming on the Valorant competitive scene since April 2021.

However, the structure was selected to represent Japan alongside ZETA Division in the VCT Pacific League. As a result, new players were recruited.

We therefore welcome Suggest, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Seoldam and takej. They will be coached by hsk and Melofovia. We will have the opportunity to see them play in the first 2023 tournament in Brazil.