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Departure of menegh from the Valorant team

After two thrilling seasons with us, menegh has decided to leave the Valorant team.

It's an important page that's being turned for Mandatory, as Menegh has played a central role in building the team and launching it from the end of 2021. He took on the role of coach, initially on his own and then in tandem with CREA^allowing Mandatory to win the Lyon eSports, the 2022 French Cup and twice came second in the VCL France. If you like Mandatory today, whether for its players or its results, it's largely thanks to him!

This decision comes after two intense splits in which the team showed that it was one of the best teams in France. Menegh has expressed a desire to leave the team to take on new challenges and explore different things by working with new player profiles. We respect his choice and wish him every success for the future.

It's quite rare for a coach to spend so much time with the same team. I'd like to break this routine and get out of my comfort zone. As a coach, I need to broaden my horizons, work with new profiles and try to build something with them.

I have nothing but compliments for the players and the club. I'm extremely satisfied with everyone's work and commitment, and I'm proud of everything we've been able to achieve together.

I'd like to thank the players and the entire Mandatory staff, especially Nicolas and Zerator, as well as all those who have helped, in one way or another, to set up and sustain this group. And of course, thank you to everyone who supported us during our matches!

menegh, ex-coach Mandatory

Menegh will always be part of the Mandatory family, even if he's no longer wearing our jersey. We look forward to seeing him at HammerTime and other events.

We'll keep you posted shortly on what happens next for Mandatory.