Daps leaves NRG and ends his professional playing career

On 11th June, we learned on Twitter the departure of daps from NRG and the end of his career as a professional player of Valorant.

Damian " daps " Steele was the very first NRG player and captain on Valorant, arriving on 5th October 2020. He played the roles of Sentinel and Controller as Killjoy, Cypher and Viper.

With NRG, daps finished 5th/6th in the NA Phase 1 Challengers 3. He then took 3rd place in the Challengers 2 of Phase 2, which enable his team to participate in the Challengers Finals NA of the same phase where they finished 5th/6th.

From now on, it's a page that is turned for daps. The 27-year-old explains that he is retiring as a professional player of Valorant for the simple reason that he no longer enjoys playing competitively.

According to daps on Twitter, he already has plans for his future and is expected to unveil them soon. He is likely to move into a coaching or supervisory role. His former team will have to find a fifth player to complete their roster before the next round of the VCT.