CyvOph joins Mandatory as the 6th player in the Valorant team

For the 2024 season of the VCL France, Mandatory is strengthening its workforce! CyvOph officially joins the Valorant team, which now has 6 players.

Clément "CyvOph" Millard is a very young player whose name should be familiar to you if you followed the league or Mandatory during 2023. This former Valiant player, regularly named MVP of the week in the French league, had already played for Mandatory during of the RTBF iXpé tournament which the team won. If he wasn't as a replacement At the time, his dynamism, his talent and the range of agents he mastered seemed to be a perfect match for what Mandatory was looking for.

CyvOph joins Mandatory as 6th player in the Valorant team - mandatory team valorant cyvoph announces -

I'm very happy to have had this opportunity to join the team, with the same objective: to go VCT. I'm going to show you why they chose to take me on and not someone else. We're going to pull out all the stops. This year is for us! #MDRWIN

CyvOph, new Mandatory player

CyvOph joined the rest of the team in Montpellier at the start of the year, in our new offices. Don't hesitate to follow him on Twitter and on Twitch !

Why a 6-player team?

Putting together a team of 6 players is nothing new on Valorant. The Team Heretics was the first to take the plunge on Valorant in January 2021. Other structures, such as Evil Genius, had no fewer than 10 players in the team for the 2023 season.

Having a sixth player rather than just a replacement has many advantages. In a game like Valorant, where there are certain roles and more and more Agents, it's difficult for a player to specialise in all the available characters or all the maps. This sixth player makes it possible to increase the versatility of the team as a wholeThis makes it much harder for our opponents to know what to expect and how to counter us. As a result, it becomes much harder for our opponents to know what to expect and how to counter us.

The decision to recruit a new player was taken at the end of 2023. After numerous trials, it finally seemed obvious to select CyvOph. In addition to his qualities, he had already proved himself with us and adapted to our working methods, as well as getting on very well with the rest of the team.

The addition of a 6th player gives us both strategic flexibility and the ability to always have a player ready to step in should a problem arise. We needed a profile that would understand this role, be flexible with agents, and bring something to the group both off and on the pitch.

Féfé, Coach Mandatory

CyvOph meets both these criteria, not only because of the versatility of the roles he can play, but also because of his desire and willingness to always give his best, while at the same time having a profile that really complements the existing group on a human level.

CREA^, Coach Mandatory

Split 1 of the VCL France: Revolution 2024 kicks off 20 January at 9pm ! Our team will face the Solary in their opening match.