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CREA^ becomes Assistant Coach of the Mandatory team

We are in the middle of the Valorant Regional League: France and so this is an opportunity to make some changes.

Our first split allowed us to establish a good basis and to test our limits. If the ranking is not in our favour at the moment, we have nothing to be ashamed of with our young team, which has been able to stand up to the biggest structures. This mercato period is favourable to adjustments and we are taking advantage of it to continue our march forward and build an increasingly ambitious team at our own pace. It is in this logic that, after the departure of Jbzz, we announce a new change.

This is a change of position for CREA^ who is moving away from his role as a player to take on the role of assistant coach alongside menegh. This is a long-standing desire of the player, who had already mentioned his desire to start coaching several months ago and which fits perfectly with Mandatory's objective to strengthen its staff.

I've been thinking about it since I stopped playing for NiP. I took a few months to question myself, I stopped playing and asked myself what I wanted to do and what my objectives were. I realised that becoming a coach suited me much better, because of my personality, my qualities but also my limitations as a player.

I was contacted by Mandatory to join the team as a player. I found this desire and motivation as a player because it was an opportunity to start a new project in French. At that time, however, I had already expressed my desire to become a coach.

I have been offered to stay at Mandatory and be an assistant coach to menegh, which is the best thing I could hope for. I will be able to continue to help the team and learn the job from menegh. I am so happy!

CREA^, former player and new assistant coach of Mandatory

It is therefore a decision that might surprise many, but which is consistent with the vision that CREA^ has of the game. When he joined Mandatory, he had already told us about his interest for the lead and strategies. But this desire to become a coach goes back much further than that!

I've always been into strategy. Already at school, at the age of 11, I was drawing Counter Strike maps in my notebooks and making strats. It's the strategic aspect of the game that made me play above all. When you're a gamer, you spend more time doing rankings and working on your pure skill than on strategy. Now I'll be able to focus on what I like and I'll be able to enjoy it much more.

CREA^, former player and new assistant coach of Mandatory

Our coach Menegh is also very happy to continue working with CREA^.

I'm very happy to have someone to support me in coaching the team. I have shared 3 projects with CREA since the launch of Valorant and we have always agreed on the way we see the game. We have discussed a lot about his transition from player to coach and he has all the qualities needed to be a good coach. He is a very creative person in his approach to tactics. He loves to look at the details. Already as a player he was very critical and able to identify the mistakes of the team, which is the best quality of a coach.

Menegeh, Mandatory coach

CREA^ has been instrumental more than once in this first split, and how could we forget his Ace against VMS ? We are happy to keep CREA^ with us and to accompany him in his transition from player to coach.

As you can see, the Mandatory team is now down to 3 players! At least, officially. Behind the scenes, the team is getting ready to welcome the new players we have selected who will be wielding the hammer for the VRL Split 2. We won't tell you more for now, but stay tuned to Mandatory to find out about our new team.