Crazy Raccoon reorganises its players

Things are moving in Japan. The organisation Crazy Raccoon decided to recruit four new players... without closing the contracts of the others.

The announcement was made on Twitter, the Crazy Raccoon recruited Ade, Fisker, Minty and Bazzi. The first three come from other Japanese VCT teams, while the last one is a talent spotted in the ranks of a team that has been out of business since April.

Among the Crazy Raccoon roster players, two are making the transition to content creators. Rion and Zepher will focus on streaming and video. An intriguing choice, especially as Zepher was perhaps the best player of the team.

Crazy Raccoon is thus consolidating its ranks while diminishing those of its rivals, but this is not without raising questions. The team now has seven players, including three Korean players, whereas the VCT rules require a team to keep three players from the region corresponding to the competitive circuit being played.

Moreover, teams must keep 3 players from the original roster when entering the VCT if they want to keep their points. Changing too many players could cost them the points they earned by qualifying for the Valorant Masters Reykjavik, just as Team Heretics lost theirs last month.

This being, perhaps it's a gamble on the future. Crazy Raccoon have been dominating the Japanese scene for a few months now. They managed to end Absolute JUPITER's winning streak and now have nothing left to prove in the archipelago. Making these changes is perhaps a way of betting on better results on the international scene. Indeed, Crazy Raccoon did not win a single map at Masters 2 and changes are needed if they hope to go further next time.