cned joins FUT Esports

After a complicated 2023 season, cNed joins the ranks of FUT Esportsthe best Turkish structure at the moment. In 2024, the former Valorant world champion will play alongside qRaxs, MrFaliN and ATA KAPTAN, as well as yetujeythe other new recruit. In the near future, they will be aiming to win the Red Bull Home Ground 4, a tournament to which they made a brilliant start by winning the EMEA Qualifier.

An already legendary player

Mehmet İpek, better known under the pseudonym cNedis one of the most talented Valorant pro players of recent years and already has a remarkable track record. His professional career really kicks off in 2021, when he was playing for the Raise Your Edge Gaming team. At the time, he and his mates won a slot in the EU Masters, thanks to their victory. to Challengers 3. Already a top performer, cNed was awarded the title of MVP of the tournament.

Raise Your Edge Gaming then became Acend, and it was under this name that the Turk became known worldwide. In the Masters finalhe almost single-handedly defeated Team Heretics, finishing the match with no less than 111 eliminations and another MVP title. Later, Acend even became the first ever Valorant World Champion, by beating Gambit Esports in the final of the Valorant Champions.

After a successful season, the next was far less satisfactorycNed and his cohorts failed to make the impact they had hoped for, and even missed out on qualification for all the international LANs in 2022.

Shortly after the announcements concerning the new franchise system, cNed has joined Natus Vincere alongside former FPX members. Together, they finished the season with a fine victory during the G-Loot Valorant Clash The European prodigy has made a real splash with his Jett and his Chamber.

If this victory has given us hope for the future, the results for 2023 were not as good as expected in the endEspecially for a roster of this size. Natus Vincere finished third-fourth in the Lock In, fourth in the EMEA league and failed to get past the group stage at the Tokyo Masters, as it did at Valorant Champions.

The start of a new adventure

Natus Vincere recently parted company with cNed, with a view to bouncing back better next year, replaced by ardiis. The Turkish player is not leaving the EMEA League, however, and is even joining an excellent team. A few days ago, FUT Esports announced the star's return to his homeland. He is now playing alongside qRaxs, MrFaliN, ATA KAPTAN and yetujey.

With his new comrades, cNed made a real splash, winning the EMEA Qualifier for Red Bull Home Ground 4. At the end of the final against FOKUS, won 3-0 with ease, he had accumulated no less than 67 kills, including 18 First Blood. We'll let you admire his talent!

In duet with qRaxsHe's more than ready to wreak havoc in the VCT 2024 and we can't wait to see what happens. In the meantime, we'll be following his participation in the Home Ground Main Event with interest. The group stage kicks off on 3 November and will be broadcast on Redbull's Twitch channel.