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Cloud9 withdraws from Korea

Cloud9 is one of Valorant's most prolific organisations, with no less than 3 teams to its name. Two of them are in North America (Cloud9 Blue, the main team, and Cloud9 White, the secondary team) and one in South Korea. Unfortunately for the latter, Cloud9 has decided to withdraw from Korea.

It's on Twitter that Cloud9 announces the separation from its team.

The Cloud9 Korean team had very good results. They are the only team that managed to win a map against the Vision Strikers in the Valorant First Strike. You could even argue that the Korean team has better results than the American.

Cloud9 gives no reason for this stop, but there are several theories. It's entirely possible that Cloud9, an American organisation, is struggling to manage teams in two regions of the world. But above all, we imagine that, with the Valorant Champions Tour setting up for the start of 2021, Riot Games has clarified its regulations and prohibits organisations from playing in several regions. This is a rule already adopted in the professional League of Legends scene.

If the latter hypothesis holds true, T1 T1 should soon announced the closure of one of its teams as well. We can then wonder if this Korean organisation will prefer to focus on its American or Korean roster.