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Cloud9 lets Shinobi go

Following the Valorant First Strikes, it's time to question the teams that failed to win the tournament... or even qualify. This kind of questioning generally goes through a transfer window of players. On the side of Cloud9, the organisation has decided to stop its Korean team. We also learn that Cloud9 is separating from Shinobi.

The Cloud9 Blue made a strong impression in the first week of the Valorant First Strike NA, finishing first in the tournament. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to qualify for the main event, and they then failed during Week 2 against Renegades, during the quarter-finals. Their second and last chance to qualify in Week 4 also ended badly, this time against T1.

Cloud9 therefore separates from Shinobi, the fourth player to join the team. He's an excellent player who has had a great success in serving his team. He held a leadership position, which could explain why he takes responsibility for the failures of Cloud9. Other American teams are likely to make changes. It's quite possible that we will find Shinobi in a new team before the Valorant Champions Tour.

Either way, his departure should have a real impact on Cloud9. It remains to be seen who will replace Shinobi and what direction the team will take.