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Cloud9 launches Valorant team in Korea

The ambitions of Cloud9 visibly exceed the United-States. Cloud9 announced this morning the formation ofa team in South-Korea. Cloud9 recruited 5 very promising Korean players, all former professionals of Overwatch, PUBG, or Apex Legends.

Two of them have already made a name for themselves in Valorant competitions in South Korea. So, Seung-Woo “Moothie " Yoo and Jun-Ki "Bazzi " Park played together at the WESL x Toonation and came in second. They lost in the final to Vision Strikers, the best Korean Valorant team.

Sang-beom "Munchkin"Byeon, TaewookTry" Kang and Dogyeong "DoYa" Kim must prove themselves on the Riot Games' FPS. DoYa has a reputation for being a Valorant genius, but the latter has yet to compete in a major competition.

This is the second Valorant team of Cloud9. The organisation had just finalised its American roster by giving tenure to Vice, a few days ago. Cloud9 would like to continue its expansion in Korea. A few months ago, the Korean organisation T1 also made the decision to manage a team in the United Statesand another in Korea.

Players of Cloud9 – Korea:

  • Seung-Woo “Moothie" Yoo
  • Jun-Ki “Bazzi" Park
  • Sang-beom "Munchkin" Byeon
  • Taewook "Try" Kang
  • Dogyeong "DoYa" Kim