Cloud9 Blue recruits vanity

Cloud9 Blue has recruited former Version1 player Anthony " vanity " Malaspina as an in-game leader.

Vanity had been playing for Version1 since February 2021 and was their captain. He led his team to second place in the Challengers Finals in Phase 2, earning a ticket to the Reykjavik Masters where they finished 5-6th in the tournament, defeating Team Liquid among others. He will now take on the role of in-game leader at Cloud9 Blue in place of Mitch " mitch " Semago.

Vanity explained why he joined Cloud9 Blue via a YouTube video. He says that he wants to play with Nathan " leaf " Orf and Erick " Xeppaa " Bach, his former teammates in Chaos Esports Club, when all three were professional CS:GO players.

With the recruitment of vanity, Cloud9 now has 7 players in its roster. It is therefore plausible that the team will part with one of them, the most likely being floppy, who has not played since the beginning of July and picks the same Agents as vanity: Astra and Omen.

With 50 points from the Challengers Finals of Phase 2, Cloud9 Blue will have one last chance to qualify for the Valorant Champions during the Last Chance Qualifier NA starting in October.