Cloud9 recruits Floppy and Xeppaa

On 19th April, Cloud9 Blue announced the recruitment of floppy and Xeppaa. A lot of changes are happening in the team at the moment. Most recently, they parted ways with Vice and Relyks, bringing the roster down to 4 players.

Ricky "Floppy" Kemery and Erick "Xeppaa"' Bach were part of the CSGO team of Cloud9. As the CS:GO team has recently ceased operations, Cloud9 has taken the opportunity to transfer two of its players to its VALORANT team, which really needs it.

Indeed, the retirement of TenZ, finally leased to Sentinels, hurt Cloud9 Blue. The team did not qualify for any of the Challengers of Phase 1. It then lost to Version1 in the loser bracket of the first Challengers of Phase 2, after losing in the winners semi-finals to 100 Thieves.

Cloud9 Blue now has 6 players in its roster, all of whom come from the Counter Strike scene, with the exception of Michael " poiz " Possis. It remains to be seen if these two new recruits will manage to make the transition between CS:GO and Valorant. It's a process that can be complicated, as showed us the case of Skadoodle

We will be able to see the contributions of Floppy and Xeppaa to the team when they will meet T1, at the next Challengers which start on 22nd April.