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Sharks makes changes

After failing to qualify for the Valorant Champions, Sharks have announced some changes to their roster, which has remained unchanged since the team's inception.

Back to their record of achievements

In March 2021, Sharks signed the entire Squad5 team, which has performed well in the early season. The team won a Chroma Cup and an Aorus League, and finished second in the Brazilian Challengers 3 in the VCT Phase 1.

The team got off to a promising start, achieving very good results and was soon considered one of the best in Brazil. In the final of the Brazilian Challengers, during Phase 2, the Sharks came second, qualifying for the Reykjavik Masters. Unfortunately, they ended it on a tenth place, a result that fell far short of expectations.

The rest of the season was more difficult, the team was losing momentum and had a series of average performances. The playoffs of the Challengers of Phase 3 are not conclusive and the roster does not manage to qualify for the Berlin Masters.

Qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier in South America, the team had a chance to earn a place in the Valorant Champions. However, they failed to make it through the group stage and finished with a top 5-6, marking the end of their VCT season.

Preparing for the 2022 season

Following these results, the team has taken the decision to make some changes to its roster. The players light and fra are now benched, and it seems that Sharks will rebuild around prozin, DeNaro and gaabxx. On the staff side, the contract of the head coach fx has been terminated.

Relegated to the rank of simple substitutes, fra and light both announced that they are open to offers from other teams. As for fx, if he doesn't know yet what he will do, he specifies in a TwitLonger that he will nevertheless take the time to analyse proposals.