Changes at SuperMassive Blaze

The end of the season means change for most of the teams involved in the Valorant competitive circuit. SuperMassive Blaze is no exception, and changes are being made to its roster.

The Turkish organisation launched on Valorant in May 2021 and quickly qualified for VCT by participating in the various Phase 3 qualifying tournaments. In July, the team won the Phase 3 Challengers 1, then made a top 2 in the play-offs. They then surprised everyone by qualifying for the Berlin Masters, but only made a top 9-12.

Although quite young, it managed to accumulate enough points to enter the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA, but quickly fell into the Lower Bracket after losing to Guild Esports. The roster was eventually defeated by Futbolist and finished with a top 5-6, which did not earn it a place at Champions.

After these successive failures, the organisation experienced internal problems and finally imploded last October. Soon after, several players expressed their desire for change and were allowed to explore other options.

Now, it's time to focus on 2022 and build the most successful team possible. Thus, we recently learned that the player pAura and head coach 9999 are no longer part of the organisation, as they announced on their respective Twitter accounts. Furthermore, SuperMassive Blaze has just recruited XiSTOU.

The former player inOxygen Esports has helped his team become one of the best in the region and has had a good season with them. He and his teammates finished third in the Masters 1 Turkey. However, the team didn't make it to Champions, after a top 5-6 at the Last Chance Qualifier.

Not having qualified for the biggest event of the year, four of the players have announced that they want to step back from the team and explore new options for next season.

If XiSTOU wasn't one of them, he has just been transferred to SBM. We hope that his experience in the game will enable him to lead his new team to the top of his region, as he did previously with Oxygen.