Changes at 100 Thieves Esports

A few days ago, 100 Thieves announced several changes in its active roster. The organisation has made official the appointment of Aaron " b0i " Thao at the expense of Joshua " steel " Nissan. It was also announced that Johann " seven " Hernandez, a young Mexican player, has joined the team as a 6th man.

Evolution of 100 Thieves Esports

The American team was one of the first to enter the esports scene on Valorant. Built around Hiko, the first roster was not up to scratch and was laid off. The CEO Matt "Nadeshot" Haag thus restructured the team.

This step was more than beneficial for the organisation, as the new team won the First Strike NA by beating TSM. Today, 100 Thieves is a successful team that has placed 3rd in the North American VCT. During the group stage of the Berlin Masters, the roster even won their match against Gambit Esports, the winning team of the Masters. Not yet qualified for the Valorant Champions, 100 Thieves is looking to capture the NA slot at the Last Chance Qualifier of October.

Interesting changes

The changes made by the organisation come a few weeks before the so-called Last Qualifier. Considering the stakes of the LCQ, we can imagine that 100 Thieves wants to put all the chances on its side. In order to strengthen the team, the active roster can now count on b0i who mainly plays Omen, Sova and Astra. Until now, b0i only played as a substitute. He replaces Steel, who has been benched for the moment.

In addition to b0i, 100 Thieves has acquired the talent of the prodigy Seven, who is only 16 years old. The duelist, who mains Jett, is a true rising star of the American scene. As explained on Upcomer , he had already reached the Immortal rank during the beta of the game. While he started out playing for fun with his friends, he quickly participated in minor tournaments. He was spotted by various organisations but it wasn't until he was 16 that he was able to join the VCT circuit. It's without a doubt that he will bring a note of freshness to the team built around nitr0, who is almost twice his age.

Tweet - 100 Thieves Esports roster changes

Some welcome this move by 100Thieves, others think that these pre-LCQ changes are risky... Will 100Thieves be right and earn its place at the Valorant Champions? See you in mid-October to find out!

Between the LCQs and the Valorant Champions, it's not impossible that other organisations will also make changes to their rosters. Moreover, the international Valorant scene has other young talents who will undoubtedly make some organisations happy in the future.