XSET reaches playoffs - Valorant Champions

During the sixth day of the Valorant Champions, Fnatic eliminated FURIA Esports. In addition, there were two important matches in Group D. The first, between FunPlus Phoenix at XSET, ended with the latter's qualification for the playoffs. The second was just as decisive, as it was a play-off. At the end of an intense encounter, KRU Esports won against XERXIA.

KRU Esports crushed XERXIA

In the opening match, KRU Esports fell to FunPlus Phoenix. XERXIA, on the other hand, narrowly lost to XSET. Following these defeats, the two rosters faced each other in an intense, and above all, eliminatory face-off.

KRU Esports won Icebox with little difficulty, with a final score of 13 to 4. The team showed very good execution in the Attack, so that they only lost three sets out of twelve. keznit was a strong performer in this game, finishing the map with a KDA of 20/6/10.

On Haven, Sushiboy, sScary and Surf, playing at XERXIA, scored 3Ks in a row, giving their team a comfortable lead. During the first half, Crws even scored an ace to lead his team to 7-1. Although the KRU managed to reduce the score difference a little, they ended up losing 13-7.

keznit has again made a name for itself on Ascent : with his Jett, he gets a KDA of 23/12/9. At the sides change, the two teams were neck and neck, 7 rounds to 5, in favour of KRU. The Chileans were determined to get the second point that would give them the win. In the rest of the game, they conceded only one more round, and thus won 13-6.

The roster therefore remains in the Valorant Champions. They will soon face FunPlus Phoenix to try to qualify for the playoffs. See you on September 8th at 4pm CEST.

FunPlus Phoenix loses to XSET

The second match in Group D was between the two winners of the opening matches: FunPlus Phoenix and XSET. Although it was less critical than the previous one, it was just as important, as it determined the first qualifier of the group.

On Pearl, both teams fought well. At side change, they were perfectly even. XSET flew to victory once they went to Defence. Out of eight rounds played, the roster lost only one, winning the 13-7. We salute the performance of BcJ, who played a large part in his team's success. The American player obtained a KDA of 24/7/9 with Fade.

ardiis responded strongly with Fracture, the second map of the match. With Chamber, he accumulated 29 eliminations, for only 10 deaths. He even managed an ace. In turn, he made a significant contribution to his team's victory. FPX was effective in the attack phase and was unerring in the defence. After 45 minutes of play, the team won the map 13 to 4.

This heavy defeat did not dampen the motivation of the XSET players. Incredibly efficient in a retake situation on Breeze, they managed to defuse the spike eight times, winning their Defence 11-1. After a second pistol-round win, the roster found themselves one point away from qualifying. Nevertheless, FPX kept their heads up, and fought to the end, taking four more points. The Europeans eventually fell under fire and lost 13-5.

The tournament is on break today, and will resume tomorrow, Wednesday 7th September, with two qualifying matches. In the first instance, Paper Rex will face Team Liquid, and then the players of LOUD will try to beat the Japanese of ZETA Division.

To follow these summit meetings, go to the Official stream from 4pm CEST. You can also enjoy the watch party organised by our Captain, Hyp, on his Twitch channel.

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