The Valorant Champions will be played in Berlin

While some teams are focusing on the Last Chance Qualifier, others are already focusing on the Champions. With this final stage of the 2021 season, all eyes will once again turn to Germany and in particular Berlin, already host of the Masters 3.

Since Masters 2 and 3 took place in two different regions, Reykjavik and Berlin, it was to be expected that the Champions would move to another country. This was Riot Games' initial wish, as stated in a press release in September.

But then, why the decision to return to the same area?
All esports tournament that took place this year, like last year, had to deal with the pandemic. The organisation of the VCT, and therefore the Champions, was no exception to the rule. Riot Games justifies its choice by the fact that it is easier to bring players in Europe than to other continents, given the health situation.

Currently, European travel policies are the most favourable for bringing players from the participating VCT regions together, which presents the best pathway to produce a Champions event where all qualified teams can attend.

Riot Games

It is certain that the studio is trying to avoid other cases like that of Bren Esports during the Masters of Berlin. Despite just over a year of life and competitions, Valorant is still a very young title in the esports world. It is therefore important that the major competition of 2021 goes without a hitch, as its future in esports depends on it. With the success of the Berlin Masters, it's understandable that Riot wants to secure a place that is already known and has proven itself at a previous event.

Moreover, if America seems to be charmed by the FPS, judging by the craze created by the NA teams, Europe seems to be more mixed for the moment. In France, for example, we are waiting to see organisations such as BDS on the front stage, an organisation that has been performing well on Rainbow Six Siege. The presence of the World Championship in Berlin could well serve the interests of Riot Games and bring additional visibility to Valorant in Western countries!

Le Valorant Champions se jouera à Berlin - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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