Where to buy a ticket for the Valorant Champions in Istanbul?

When Riot Games has released the locations and dates of the Copenhagen Masters 2 and Valorant Champions, the studio expressed its willingness to organise events open to the public. Hundreds of people were able to watch the final stages of the Masters 2. This LAN was only the first of its kind, as the Valorant Champions will also be played in front of spectators. Indeed, Riot Games has finally revealed all the information about the purchase of tickets.

The Valorant Champions is the final stage of the VCT 2022. This unique event crowns the best team in the world, from among the 16 who qualify. It will take place 31st August to 18th September The game will take place at the VW Arena in Istanbul, Turkey. However, the public will only be present from 9 September, for the start of the playoffs.

The public means that you have to buy tickets. They will go on sale on 24 August at 4pm (CET) on the Biletix website. A total of eight days of competition will be open to the public and prices vary depending on the size of the matches you want to see and the location you choose. From 9 to 13 Septemberto have to pay between 100 and 120 TL (€5.55/€6.66) and 16 to 18 September of 150 to 200 TL (8,33€ / 11,10€).

To buy tickets on the site, you will need to create an account first. You should also know that the purchase limit is 4 tickets per person per day.

In addition, the event is expected to be cast in English only, as in Masters 2. So make sure you are comfortable with the language of Shakespeare to enjoy the show!

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