VCT Phase 2 NA: Qualified for the Challengers 2

Following the qualifiers of the second Challengers of the NA VCT Phase 2, we now know the four teams that will join Immortals, Cloud9 Blue, Built By Gamers, and Andbox.

There were no real surprises as to the 8 finalist teams competing for a place in the NA Phase 2 Challengers. However, things change from the qualifier finals onwards. NRG Esports defeated Luminosity Gaming, and T1 knocked out FaZe Clan. Sentinels logically won against Nobles, and TSM against Gen.G Esports. Back to the 4 finals of these qualifiers.

Sentinels did a great job against Nobles

The first quarter-final ended with a clear win for Sentinels, who defeated Nobles 13-6 on Haven and 13-7 on Ascent. The game showed that the winning team did not only rely on TenZ, its player rented from Cloud9, to perform. His teammate SicK showed an impressive KDA with 41 kills for 23 deaths and 10 assists, finishing first on his team. Sentinels gave Nobles no chance who, with the exception of zekken, all finished with a KDA of less than 1. Note the excellent Ace from Menace on his Raze.

NRG Esports creates a sensation against Luminosity Gaming

In the second quarter-final of the evening, NRG Esports created a sensation by winning over Luminosity by a score of 0-2. Both games started off particularly tight, with ties at every side switch. But Luminosity found it hard to contain the frantic attacks of their opponents. If on Split, they had no shortage of answers in attack, on Bind, they collapsed in defense. In this last phase, NRG won almost in a row the 7 rounds they were missing, and the quarter-final at the same time. Luminosity Gaming team will therefore not be present at the next Challengers, even though they finished 5th-6th at the first Masters NA.

T1 upsets FaZe Clan

Just as FaZe Clan was the favourite in this match, T1 managed to win by a score of 2-1. The first game on Icebox was mastered by T1 in attack. They manage to win 9 rounds before switching to defense. When FaZe was able to attack in turn, they managed to wrest 5 points from T1. But this was not enough to win the frozen map.

However, on Bind, we saw a completely different side of Marved and his teammates. The latter crushed their opponents by conceding only one small round. T1, between its low economy and the poor performance of curry, was unable to recover and lost the map 13 to 1.

These first two maps led to a rather balanced game on Split. The two teams, equal at side switch, neutralized each other. However, T1 could count on DaZeD, both for his offensive and defensive qualities. He finished the map with a KDA of 24/11/4, and was able to protect the point with his wall while eliminating his opponents. T1 qualifies for the next Challengers thanks to this nice victory against the finalists of the first Masters.

TSM and Wardell outperform Gen.G Esports

The final match of the qualifiers was between Gen.G Esports and TSM, who played without Brax, its new recruit. The latter team got off to a great start, achieving 3 flawless in the first 3 rounds. At side switch, TSM had already won 10 rounds and Wardell had 26 kills for 4 deaths. Gen.G Esports then picked up the pace, but it wasn't enough to win Ascent which ended on a score of 6-13.

A similar scenario played out on Haven. Although Gen.G's won the first two rounds, they were then totally annihilated by their opponents. Once again, they woke up too late, and even their 6 round win streak when they switched to defense was not enough to make up for it. Wardell ended the match with a stratospheric KDA of 52/18/7, and TSM leaved with their ticket to the next Challengers.

We now know the 8 teams that will compete in the Phase 2 Challengers that start tomorrow. Sentinels, NRG Esports, T1 and TSM have qualified in the Open Qualifier. Immortals, Cloud9 Blue, Built By Gamers and Andbox, on the other hand, qualified automatically thanks to their performance in the first Challengers. These teams will compete for 4 places in the Challengers Finals of the Phase 2 of the VCT NA, starting on 29th April.

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