VCT NA P3 – TSM wins the Challengers NA 2

Last week was the Challengers 2 NA, where 8 teams competed for one of the 4 spots for the Challengers Playoffs. The Grand Final of this tournament was opposing FaZe Clan to TSM. The latter won in a match that did not leave much room for suspense. 

The results of the Challengers NA 2

1st. TSM FTX
2nd. FaZe Clan
3rd. Luminosity Gaming
4th. Rise

5-6th. Gen.G Esports
5-6th. T1
7-8th. Kansas City Pioneers
7-8th. Version1

The first 4 teams of this Challengers 2 NA have qualified for the Challengers Playoffs of Phase 3 alongside with Sentinels, XSET, 100 Thieves and Team Envy. The competition will kick off on 11th August.

Back to the finalists, TSM and FaZe Clan

These Challengers allowed TSM to return to their highest level. They had achieved good results in 2020, notably with their second place in the First Strike America, but since then things had been a bit more complicated for them by regularly failing to qualify for the various Challengers. This time, the team did not lose a single match during these Challengers and made it all the way to the final.

The recruitment of bang did the team a lot of good. The player, who was originally more focused on controllers or duelists, showed good adaptation skills, especially when he chose Sage on Breeze during the final. He also got the best KDA of his team on this map!

On the side of FaZe Clan, they also went through a difficult phase since their second place in the Masters 1. They did not qualify for any of the Challengers in Phase 2 and lost in the round of 32 of the qualifiers of the first Challengers of Phase 3.

In these Challengers 2, they fell in the lower bracket in the first round, losing to Rise. They then went on to climb the entire bracket, notably by taking revenge against this same team, but also by beating T1 and Luminosity Gaming. However, the climb was far from easy, with all the maps being decided by a few points as in the lower final, where both maps ended with a score of 14 to 12.

During the final, FaZe Clan showed great versatility. Corey played 4 agents and babybay, ZachaREEE and BabyJ played 3 each. Unfortunately for them, this choice did not pay off as they ended up losing to TSM.

The Grand Final then was between TSM and FaZe Clan. The match started in favour of FaZe Clan on Ascent, although they could have been surprised by their opponents who defended very well in the first half and were 4 points ahead. However, the FaZe players also put up an exemplary defense which allowed them to win, but only by a small margin.

After this short defeat, TSM came back stronger on the second map, Split. They annihilated FaZe in attack phase, notably thanks to a very good Subroza on Skye. They then only had to get their remaining 4 points to finish with a score of 13-16 and thus come back to 1-1 in this final.

Things went even better for TSM on Breeze. Once again, their first half of the match gave them a considerable lead over FaZe, whose fire on Ascent had died down. Even babybay's Ace in round 5 did not boost the team. On TSM's side, bang was particularly effective on his Sage, making most of the kills of his team.

On Haven, the 4th and last map of this BO, FaZe Clan was totally transparent. The TSM, led this time by Wardell, gave their opponents no chance and came close to a perfect game by losing only 2 rounds. TSM thus won the 3rd point in this Grand Final and took the first place of the Challengers 2 NA!

What about the other teams?

The Luminosity Gaming got off to a good start with a win over Kansas City Pioneers and then Rise. They then fell in the upper bracket final to the eventual winners of the Challengers and were eliminated by FaZe Clan in a hard fought lower final.

On its side, Rise defeated FaZe Clan in just two maps! The team then managed to survive for a while in the lower bracket after losing to Luminosity Gaming, but lost to the vengeful FaZe Clan.

By falling at the start against TSM, things were going to be difficult for Gen.G Esports. After losing 2-1 to TSM, they barely made it to the second round of the lower bracket before being knocked out of the tournament by Rise in two maps, including a heavy 13-2 win on Ascent.

The run of Kansas City Pioneers in this tournament came to a halt very quickly. The team was unable to make a difference and was beaten twice in a row against Luminosity Gaming and FaZe Clan.

Finally, the participants to the Reykjavik Masters, Version1, were eliminated in the first round of the tournament by T1 and Gen.G Esports. However, they still managed to get 1 map in each game played.

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