VCT EMEA 2023 - playoffs teams

Since the end of March, the ten teams of the EMEA League face each other in fierce battles. After no less than eight weeks of competition, the six best performers have secured their place for the phase of the playoffs. This new stage is particularly important: the teams that finish on the podium, and the one that finishes in fourth place, will be invited at the Tokyo Masters.

The different teams


Boaster - Alfajer - Derke - Leo - Chronicle - Kamyk

Results: 9 wins - 0 losses

Natus Vincere logo
Natus Vincere

ANGE1 - Zyppan - SUYGETSU - Shao - cNed

Results: 7 wins - 2 losses

Team Liquid logo
Team Liquid

soulcas - Jamppi - nAts - Redgar - Sayf

Results: 6 wins - 3 losses

The VCT EMEA 2023 playoff teams - Giants 1 -
Giants Gaming

Fit1nho - hoody - nukkye - rhyme - Cloud - milan

Results: 5 wins - 4 losses

VCT EMEA 2023 playoff teams - FUT Esports 1 -
FUT Esports

mojj - MrFaliN - Muj - qRaxs - qw1 - ATA KAPTAN

Results: 5 wins - 4 losses

VCT EMEA 2023 Playoff Teams - Valorant Team Vitality Logo -
Team Vitality

BONECOLD - ceNder - MOLSI - Destrian - Twisten - Gorilla

Results: 4 wins - 5 losses

At the end of the regular season, two teams really stood out: Fnatic on the one hand and Natus Vincere of the other.

Fnatic has simply achieved a perfect record, accumulating nine wins in nine games. Moreover, the team led by coach mini conceded only one card out of the nineteen played. The team easily qualified for the playoffs, which they will enter directly into the semi-finals. It is without doubt the great favourite of this stage.

The NaVi, as for them, lost twice, in the first place, in a match of anthology against KOI - as a reminder, the second map required thirty-eight rounds and lasted almost an hour and a half - and then in the last match of the season against Fnatic. With only two losses, they have also won seven games. Their very good performance makes them the second team to secure their place in the semi-finals, and at the same time the other team to watch in the playoffs.

Even if their results are not as good as those of the two behemoths mentioned above, the other teams in the playoffs did not lose out ; if they made it to the playoffs, it was because they deserved to. The big difference is that their seeds were much more competitive, with almost all of them getting between 4 and 5 wins overall.

While it is not entirely impossible for either of them to defeat Fnatic or Natus Vincere on their way to the Final, it is unlikely. It is more likely that Fnatic and NaVi will meet at the top of the top bracket, before facing each other again at the Grand Final.

In fact, they don't have the same objectives in these playoffs. Having already beaten NaVi to reach the LOCK//IN Finals, if they happened to win the playoffs, Fnatic would definitely establish their dominance in the EMEA League. Natus Vincere, on the other hand, would regain their number one status. Last year, the majority of the roster played for FunPlus Phoenix, with whom they did the region proud internationally, thanks in part to a superb victory at the Masters 2 in Copenhagen and a fine fourth place at the Valorant Champions 2022.

Playoffs schedule

The two teams that will join Fnatic and Natus Vincere in the semi-finals of the top bracket will be determined on Tuesday 23rd May. To follow the matches live, go to the Twitch channel of the French Valorant League.

Team Liquid won the VCT EMEA 2023, defeating Fnatic three to one in the Grand Final. It was a fine revenge for the team that lost to them in the final of the top bracket.

Quarter-final 1Tue. 23/055pmGiants Gaming0 - 2FUT Esports
Quarter-final 2Tue. 23/058pmTeam Liquid2 - 1Team Vitality
Semi-final 1Wed. 24/055pmFnatic2 - 1FUT Esports
Semi-final 2Wed. 24/058pmNatus Vincere0 - 2Team Liquid
Lower bracket Round 1 - Match 1Thu. 25/065pmTeam Vitality1 - 2FUT Esports
Lower bracket Round 1 - Match 2Thu. 25/068pmGiants Gaming0 - 2Natus Vincere
Upper bracket finalFri 26/055pmFnatic2 - 0Team Liquid
Round 2 of the lower bracketFri 26/058pmNatus Vincere0 - 2FUT Esports
Lower bracket finalSat. 27/055pmTeam Liquid3 - 0FUT Esports
Grand FinalSun. 28/055pmFnatic1 - 3Team Liquid