VCT Challengers EU 2 – Jour 1 : Play-in

The Valorant Champions Tour comes back this week, with the Valorant Challengers EU 2! The best European teams meet once again in a direct elimination tournament. Only eight teams are left to compete!

The four best teams of the Challengers 2 will then meet the four best teams of the Challengers 1. So four places in the Valorant Masters are at stake.

For this second edition, Riot Games listened to the feedback from players and viewers by modifying its format. The matches were played in BO3 from the 64th final, which avoided unpleasant surprises. In addition, the entire finals will be broadcast on VCT official channel.

The Challengers EU 2

Day 1 Matches

Dfuse Team0 – 2Alliance
G2 Esports2 – 0Animel

Here's our recap of Day 1 and the strategies adopted by the different teams

Dfuse Team vs Alliance

15 – Haven – 17

To say the least, it was an explosive encounter between Dfuse and Allianceplayers. With Fearoth as captain, we expected of course to see Alliance ultra aggressive in attack. But the French people at Dfuse know him well and they have been able to adapt to the different assaults of their opponents. For Alliance, most of the breakthroughs resembled suicide missions where they wanted to force the point, even if it meant losing three players doing so. Even though they were able to put down many Spikes, the Dfuse team regularly had the numerical advantage necessary to recover. At sides' switch, Dfuse was leading 8 to 4.

Once Dfuse in Attack, the game lost in speed what it gained in chaos. Dfuse players approached points with more caution, pretended to rotate or sent three players as diversion if necessary. But they didn't manage to achieve as much as necessary. This second half of the map was marked by many individual mistakes that could have turned the situation around. In the end, the two teams found themselves tied with a score of 12-12 and went into overtime.

From that moment on, it was very difficult for them to separate. Taking advantage of the bonus credits from overtime, each team rained skills in every direction. Logan and Takas were particularly effective, even 2 against 5. Finally, Alliance ended up winning, on a score of 17-15.

6 – Ascent – 13

This time, Dfuse started in Attack. They won the first two rounds, but the toll was so heavy on their side that it's Alliance which recovers a very clear advantage at the beginning of the third round. From then on, Alliance, led by Hype and Kadavra, simply crushed Dfuse players. By methodically tightening the noose around their opponents, they managed to eliminate each player one by one... except Logan. If he was already the kill-leader on the previous map, he proved to be even more monstrous on Ascent. Even while playing Killjoy, he was able to make a lot of eliminations. Unfortunately, his efforts weren't enough and Dfuse scored 4-8 at sides' switch.

Alliance was again very aggressive when they took over the role of Attacker. Even though Dfuse didn't do well in Defense this time, Logan and Roden prowess at least made Alliance sweat. Kadavra in particular made a lot of clutches, while some rounds seemed to be lost. Alliance then won the map on a score of 13-6 and won the Challengers 2.

G2 Esports vs Animel

13 – Split – 4

The match left little doubt as to the winner of the match. G2 Esports crushed Animel from the third round on. Even in situations strongly in their favour, they let themselves be surprised by the repeated attacks of Zeek and Patitek. Even if the G2 lost a few rounds, we felt that they weren't playing seriously at all. G2 Esports won the map on a score of 13-4.

13 – Bind – 8

However, the scenario was quite different on Bind. Animel didn't make it to the finals of the Challengers 2 by chance, and they proved it. Far from being impressed, Animel's players, despite being on Defense, jumped on G2s. They then won the first rounds, on which they were able to capitalise as much as possible. Animel led 7-1, before G2 Esports pull themselves together. Note the performance of polvi on Jett, asolutely imperial. But it wasn't enough to stop the fantastic comeback of G2 Esports which finished the map with a score of 13-8 and won the match.

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