VCT Challengers EU 2 – Day 4: Play-in

The Valorant Champions Tour continues with the last play-off matches of the Challengers EU 2. The winners of Challengers 1 and Challengers 2 compete against each other and the four winners immediately qualify for the Valorant Masters in March.

These are probably the most important matches, as they are the ones that will determine which teams will receive points or not in the race of the Valorant Champions at the end of the year.

The Challengers EU 2

The matches of Day 4

FunPlus Phoenix2 – 1Fnatic
OG Esports0 – 2Team Heretics

Here's our recap of the matches of Day 4 and the strategies applied by the different teams.

FunPlus Phoenix vs Fnatic

6 – Bind – 13

Seeing that the match was starting on Bind, we didn't necessarily want to bet on the victory of Fnatic. This is the map where the former SUMN FC have the most beautiful setups of all Valorant.

However, the meeting got off to a very bad start from them. FunPlus Phoenix had obviously studied their opponents. Fnatic's strategies on Bind are impressive, but a bit rigid. So much so that the Phoenix turned the poisonous clouds of Mistic against him, taking advantage of the camouflage to perform unexpected rotations or placing the Spike where Fnatic is not accustomed to retrieving them.

But the particularity of Fnaticis its tactical genius. Once Plan B was underway, the team managed to turn the tables. The Fnatics then won 11 consecutive rounds. Tsack offered us a superb demonstration of Skye's potential, relentlessly chasing his opponents. On Attack and once the Spike was landed, it was absolutely impossible for the Phoenix to defuse it. Whether it's with the Brimstone's ultimate launched by Boaster (well hidden at spawn), the explosive arrows of Moe on Sova, the poison of Mistic on Viper or the explosives of Doma on Raze; Fnatic know all the ways to kill from far away whoever gets too close to the Spike.

Fnatic won the map on a score of 13-6.

13 – Split – 3

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that Fnatic was as impressive once on Split. Simply put, it was as if the team was completely absent. They repeated many mistakes, some of which were beginners' ones.

Initially on Attack, FunPlus Phoenix played a meticulous game, scraping ground ability by ability until the Spike was planted. Their very slow playstyle tended to make Fnatic rather impatient. On several occasions they went out of their ranks and were then punished with a death or two. Special mention to Dimasick and Ange1, who controlled the paths to the sites perfectly well.

13 – Haven – 7

There have been no more miracles on Haven. Despite a few rounds taken from FunPlus Phoenix, the Fnatic have never really managed to make a name for themselves. We can sense that the restrained play of FunPlus Phoenix put them over the edge, as they continued to make mistakes, both in terms of technique and timing.

The FunPlus Phoenix were once again on Attack at the beginning of the round. They used the cages of the Cypher of Dimasick to cut the vision at the entrance of the venues. From there, they could either advance and separate to cover all the angles of the defenders or simply feign an attack.

The very methodical and precise playing playstyle of FunPlus Phoenix is impressive. Fnatic have never found a real solution to counter the opponent's skills, except for a few very rounds, pushed with Bucky. FunPlus Phoenix therefore won this match without any real opposition. They therefore qualified for the Valorant Masters.

OG Esports vs Team Heretics

6 – Split – 13

Difficult for OG Esports to compare with Team Heretics. Their lack of experience was flagrant and they were no match for the European champions.

In Attack, Heretics imposed an infernal rhythm that the OG Esports failed to sustain. Avova and Rubino on Omen and Sova made sure they found the least defended site for the whole team to come in and take it over. The reaction time of OG was far too slow to punish these assaults effectively. They wasted too much time inspecting every nook and cranny in their patch, which allowed Heretics to reposition themselves after the Spike has been planted.

The defense of Heretics is impenetrable and the OG have never managed to create a breach, despite some good attempts byaKm and Oniby. The Team Heretics won Split on a score of 13-5.

7 – Bind – 13

The situation was not much different on Bind. Team Heretics let pAura on his Cypher take care of point B, while the other players locked point A. At the slightest sign of an assault by OG Esports, the battalion Heretics deployed and encircled the enemy through the spawn or teleporters. OG Esports never managed to enter Site A, and even if they planted the Spike on Site B, Heretics systematically managed to recover it.

With a score of 10-2 at sides' switch, there was no longer any doubt that Heretics was going to win. However, there was an outburst from OG, pushed by Unkoe and Tviq, which only delayed the inevitable.

The Team Heretics is thus the fourth and last team to qualify for the Valorant Masters.

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