VCT 2022 – Circuit points awards

Throughout the 2022 VCT, teams accumulate circuit points. These points are essential to qualify for the final stage of the tournament: the Valorant Champions.

During the Valorant Champions Tour, the rosters of the different regions participate in major events, namely Challengers and Masters. Depending on their final place in these different tournaments, they earn VCT points. For the same tournament, the gain in points increases between the first and second phase of the competition.

Distribution of circuit points.

At the end of Masters 2, the top 11 teams (based on points and regions) will qualify for the World Championships. The non-qualified teams with the most VCT points will be able to participate in the last chance tournament, aptly named the "Last Chance Qualifier".

In this article, we propose to follow the distribution of these VCT points, in the top 4 of each region. The ranking will be updated as the main VCT events in the different regions are completed.


1FunPlus Phoenix1200 points
2Fnatic525 points
3G2 Esports305 points
4Guild Esports300 points

FunPlus Phoenix got 200 bonus points because they could not participate in the first Masters due to the conflict in Ukraine, even though they had won the Challengers.

TOP 4 - North America

1OpTic Gaming1250 points
2XSET295 points
3The Guard220 points
4FaZe Clan75 points


1Paper Rex1050 points
2XERXIA300 points
3Bleed eSports110 points
4ONIC Esports100 points

TOP 4 - Brazil

1LOUD650 points
2Ninjas in Pyjamas225 points
3Keyd Stars115 points
4FURIA Esports90 points

TOP 4 - Latin America

1Leviatan355 points
2KRÜ Esports325 points
3FUSION110 points
4E-Xolos LAZER105 points

TOP 4 - Korea

1DRX550 points
2Maru Gaming115 points
3DAMWON Gaming110 points
4On Sla2ers100 points

TOP 4 - Japan

1ZETA DIVISION475 points
2Northeption240 points
3Crazy Raccoon120 points
4REJECT95 points

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