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VALOTF – Megastitut wins the Spring Tournament

The first tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France (VALOTF) ended this Sunday with the victory of Megastitut ! The team won after a well-controlled tournament that ended with a victory against EXCEL in a quick BO5.

A flawless journey

The merger of Mégakich and L'Institut defied all predictions by taking the top spot on the podium, despite very tough competition. By chance of the Swiss rounds, seeding and the results of the other matches, Megastitut won the tournament, having defeated EXCEL three times, as well as Vitality and Yendez twice. The team achieved a flawless performance except for a loss in the Swiss rounds against Entropiq.

Excel, the unfortunate finalist of the tournament, did not lose out. Just like Vitality who have risen to a level of play that we did not suspect until this tournament. In the end, if EXCEL and Vitality did not win the tournament, both teams are still qualified for the French Championship which will take place at the end of the year, along with Megastitut.

A final before its time

This final weekend of competition began with the winner's bracket final, with that turned out to be a grand final before its time as Megastitut faced Excel. Everything started well on Icebox for Davidp's team. After a solid first side, the team managed to confirm the map despite a surge from its opponents. But things were turned around from the second map onwards without every really coming back to Excel.

Even though the team was largely led by keloqz throughout this BO5, each of the Megastitut players proved to be crucial at key moments on the following maps. Whether it was the control of iDex, the brutality of Goaster, the precision of Newzera or the repeated clutches of Shin, the whole team contributed to win the 3 maps that followed quite easily. They all ended with a score of 13-6 in favour of Megastitut.

The impossible comebacks of the Lower Bracket

In the loser bracket, it was up to Entropiq and Vitality to determine who would face Excel for a place in the grand final. Although Entropiq had to face and beat most of the big teams to say in the race, the team was no match for Vitality who won the match with a 13-7 on Split and a 13 - 4 on Bind.

Sunday started with the meeting between Excel and Vitality. We thought that Vitality were the favourites for this match and we believed it all the way. On Ascent, the team was leading 12 to 7 and had a comfortable lead in economy. But everything fell apart. Multiple placement errors by Vitality while Ale and Davidp were doing great things, and the two teams were fighting in over-time. In the end, Excel won the first map.

Determine to make amends, Vitality were merciless on Split. Bramz and ceNder, perfectly supported by vakk and LoWkii, went on a rampage on Attack side. The team was already leading 10-2 at side change, and simply won the remaining 3 rounds, taking advantage of Excel's weaknesses on pistol rounds.

The correction continued on Bind, which was even more severe. This time, Vitality was leading 10-2 shortly before half-time. And then, suddenly, nothing was going right. The Bees could not confirm any more rounds. Even when Vitality seemed to be on course to win a round, they were caught out by the original placements of B1GGY and the repeated clutches of Honeybee. Excel then performed a rare comeback to bring the score back to 12-11, before letting Vitality go into over-time. After a few more chaotic rounds, Excel finally managed to secure a place in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final: the return of Megastitut VS EXCEL

The weekend ended as it begun, with a match Megastitut vs Excel. Megatitut started the BO5 with a one point lead for having managed to stay in the upper bracket. In the end, the match was very short. Even though Excel was in good enough shape to take some rounds from Megastitut, they were not up to the task of really worrying them. The fatigue of having played a long tournament and two extremely tough comebacks was probably a factor.

On Bind, the team started out about even. They competed in dynamism, taking advantage of the teleporters to rotate and attacking from all sides. It was real fireworks display where it was impossible to tell which team was which. However, with the score at 6-6 and Megastitut switching to Attackers' side, everything changed.

The strategy post-plant of Excel never really worked and the players missed shot after shot. While on Megastitut side, we were just warming up. The Cosmic Divides of Shin on Astra divided the battlefield effectively and deprived Excel of their defensive positions. Keloqz, iDex and Goaster were ready to take on any player brave enough to cross this obstacle. In the end, Megastitut won their second point by a score of 13-7.

Once on Ascent, we felt Excel washed out. Even though they won the pistol round, they condeded 10 rounds in Defense. Megastitut once again showed exemplary team cohesion. The team divided into several pairs depending on the situation and protected each other through the pea soup generated by the different Astra, Jett and Cypher. Keloqz and Newzera seemed particularly omnipresent.

This time, Excel failed to make another fantastic comeback, despite winning 6 rounds in total, for the honour. Even though they didn't win the tournament, Excel players showed great potential. They just need to address some of their shortcomings, whether it be the pistol rounds or the grouped manoeuvres that have too often allowed Megastitut to turn them into skewers.

As for Megastitut, the team finally proved to be the best team in France. It was the first time that this mix, which has become a full-fledged team, took part in a competition. They made their entry with a bang, dominating a French scene that was already rich in talent and well represented at the VCT.

To conclude, we would like to thank and congratulate all the teams who participated in this first tournament of the Valorant Open Tour France. Thanks also to the viewers who were more and more numerous every day to follow the matches on our Twitch channel. We didn't expect such an effervescence, but it's extremely encouraging for a launch!

Because the Valorant Open Tour France has only just begun! You will soon find the registration details for the Summer Tournament which will take place this time during the Lyon e-Sport 2021. We'll tell you more soon!