Valorant Masters – Day 4: Recap and results

Welcome on our follow-up page of the Day 4 of the Valorant Masters 2 ! The Valorant Masters 2 brings together the 10 best teams in the world for the first international and LAN tournament in Valorant. It takes place from 23rd to 30th May 2020 in Iceland, every day of the week from 5pm. For more information on the format and schedule, please visit our tournament page.

Day 4 Matches

With this fourth day, we enter the second half of the Valorant Masters 2! This first semi-final between Version1 and NUTURN Gaming ended unexpectedly as Europe struggled in the loser bracket.

StageTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
LB Round 1NUTURN Gaming2 – 1Version1
LB Round 1Fnatic2 – 0X10 Esports
UB Demi-Finale 1Team Liquid2 – 0KRÜ Esports

2 – 1

Haven : 3 – 13
Ascent : 15 – 13
Split : 14 – 12
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 4 : Récap et résultats - Version1 Logo -

The first match of the day took an unexpected turn. Version1 was confident, proud of their victory over Team Liquid and their growing popularity. The team has every reason to believe they were better than the others, especially NUTURN Gaming, especially after a quick win on Haven. Version1 countered all the attempts of the Koreans who could not find any real opening. Friendly provocations were flourishing on the scene and nobody really believed in NUTURN's chances.

Version 1's ascendancy started to take a hit once on Ascent. Version1 took the first four rounds and always seemed to be one step ahead in the fight against NUTURN. Obviously aware that their strategies were not working, the Koreans decided to change the pace. Their grouped assaults gave way to slow and tactical duo offensives, locking down the different points of the map. Version1 still seemed to be on top overall, partly thanks to Effys' performance, but NUTURN gradually started to win the duels and make up for the points they were missing. The game went into over-time, but the Odin of Lakia and the birds of Suggests got the better of the Americans.

So everything was decided on Split. The provocations and signs from one table to the other stopped. This time, NUTURN Gaming was setting the pace and Version1 was struggling to keep up. NUTURN4s strategies based on flashes once again surprised Version1 who seemed unaccustomed to having to deal with blinds rather than smokes. The match was still close, with both teams unable to break the tie. Each team won 6 rounds in Attack and 6 rounds in Defense. It was during a new over-time that Solo and Allow, completely bypassing the Americans lines, delivered the death blow to Version1. NUTURN Gaming will now face another American team in the final of the winner's bracket, but this time the best of all: Sentinels.

2 – 0

Icebox : 13 – 4
Haven : 13 – 9
X10 Esports
X10 Esports

The second game of the evening was between Fnatic and X10 Esports. After a loss to Sentinels, FNATIC were dead set on climbing back up the lower bracket and to defeating their Thai opponents. The first part of the BO was played on Icebox. The Europeans started on a high note by winning the first 6 rounds in a row and were never really worried on this map. X10 was obviously not in their match. As a result, Mistic finished with a KD of 20/6 and Fnatic easily won 13 to 4!

Things weren't much different on Haven. Fnatic's collective strength allowed them to win on Defense despite conceding 3 rounds early in the map. When it came to side change, things were a bit more complicated for them. X10 had more of a response and won 6 times thanks to the performance of Sushiboys. Unfortunately for X10, this was not enough and the Europeans still managed to win the 4 rounds they were missing for a final score of 13 to 9. The Thai team put up a good fight will stop there in this international tournament, while Fnatic advances to the lower bracket and will face Version1 tomorrow.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 4 : Récap et résultats - TeamLiquid Logo -
Team Liquid
2 – 0

Split : 13 – 2
Ascent : 13 – 9
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 4 : Récap et résultats - KRUEsports Logo -
KRÜ Esports

After Fnatic's convincing victory, we expected at least as much from Team Liquid for this last match. We were not disappointed! KRÜ Esports seemed to be completely at sea on Split, but it was actually Team Liquid who stepped up their game. The Europeans played ultra-aggressively even though they started on Defense. What's the point of guarding a site when all you have to do is kill all your opponents to win a round? ScreaM is particularly strong at this little game and, even while playing Skye, managed to get a K/D of 3.0. Even though KRÜ managed to win 2 rounds, the map was dispatched in barely half an hour of play.

It wasn't so easy on Ascent, however. KRÜ Esports tried a few risky manoeuvres in the first two rounds before really pulling themselves together. The team even led by a score of 9-5 for a while, thanks in part to the nerves of steel of Klaus who was able to protect a site almost single-handedly against everyone. Once in Defense, Team Liquid decided to change their strategy and focus on point retakes. If ScreaM was his usual imperious self, L1NK and Jamppi dominated the fights. Once Team Liquid took control of the game, they never let go and were able to win the 8 rounds they needed to win the match.

The main thing to remember about this match was the teamwork of the European players. Team Liquid had never looked so in sync in their assaults. Some assaults gave the impression of having to deal with a real military squad, where each player eliminated a different target simultaneously. A really impressive and reassuring job, in case of revenge against the Americans.

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