Valorant Masters 2 – Day 3: Recap and results

Welcome on our follow-up page of the Day 3 of the Valorant Masters 2 ! The Valorant Masters 2 brings together the 10 best teams in the world for the first international and LAN tournament in Valorant. It takes place from 23rd to 30th May 2020 in Iceland, every day of the week from 5pm. For more information on the format and schedule, please visit our tournament page.

Day 3 Matches

This third day held the first loser bracket matches, and thus the first teams to be eliminated from the tournament.

StageTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
LB Round 1X10 Esports2 – 0Crazy Raccoon
LB Round 1KRÜ Esports2 – 0Young Sharks
UB Demi-Finale 1Sentinels2 – 0Team Vikings

X10 Esports
X10 Esports
2 – 0

Haven : 13 – 9
Icebox : 13 – 5
Crazy Raccoon
Crazy Raccoon

The first match of the day opposed X10 Esports to Crazy Raccoon, two teams from regions where the esports boom coincided with the release of Valorant. Of the two teams, it was Thailand's X10 Esports who showed the most potential. On Haven, they gained a comfortable lead fairly quickly thanks to their excellent map control. The duo Patiphan and sScary, on Viper and Astra respectively, obscured the vision of the Crazy Raccoon defenders who were forced to move out of position. X10's dominance continued once the roles were reversed, with the team winning the first 5 rounds on Defense, until an unexpected burst from Crazy Raccoon. Unfortunately, it was far too late, and although the Japanese managed to win 4 rounds and drain their opponent's economy, they eventually lost on a round where all the X10 were waiting for them with a Judge.

Icebox was a continuation of what we saw on Haven. X10 started on Attack and scored 7 out of 12 rounds, before stringing together wins on Defense. Except that this time, Crazy Raccoon wasn't able to regain control once in the second half of the game. The Cypher of Sushiboys precipitated their downfall: the Japanese never checked the different angles where could be the Spycam of their opponents. No matter how much they strategised, it became impossible for them to surprise X10. Sushiboys communicated the positions of his opponents before Foxz, on his Sova, launched an arrow to divert the attention of Crazy Raccoon. In that brief moment when all the Crazy Raccoons were following the arrow with their eyes, X10 came in and eliminated everyone with pre-shots. An easy and deserved victory for the Thai.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 3 : Récap et résultats - KRUEsports Logo -
KRU Esports
2 – 0

Icebox : 13 – 5
Bind : 13 – 6
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 3 : Récap et résultats - SharksEsports Logo -
Young Sharks

The second game of the evening was between Young Sharks and KRÜ Esports. The first map chosen was Icebox. A relevant choice for KRÜ because, even if they only played it 4 times, Sharks is so uncomfortable on this map (30% WinRate) that a minimal preparation was enough to defeat them. Indeed, the Argentinians have repeatedly repelled the Brazilian attacks with success, whether through individual performances like those of NagZet or collective actions. When it came to attacking, KRÜ was also very efficient and logically won the remaining rounds to defeat their opponents with a final score of 13-5.

A similar scenario played out on Bind. In Defense, KRÜ exercised a good map control, which allowed them to thwart the shark attacks. However, while the Argentinians were generally better than the Brazilians, they were sometimes fooled like beginners. Delz1k was killed in the teleporter because he didn't look around. But this was not going to stop KRÜ in their match. At side change, KRÜ unrolled in attack, conceding only one point to their opponents and eventually winning 13-6. The international adventure ends here for the Brazilians, who will have to rely on the Vikings to represent their region.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 3 : Récap et résultats - Sentinels Logo -
0 – 0

Icebox : 13 – 7
Haven : 13 – 5
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 3 : Récap et résultats - TeamVikings Logo -
Team Vikings

The last game of the day was between the best team in North America and the best team in South America. Sentinels was of course the favourite, but the Vikings didn't lose out on Icebox... at least in Attack. The teams went head to head, with Team Vikings making good use of their strategies and line-ups to prevent their opponents from approaching the Spike, while Sentinels could rely on Shazam and TenZ. At side change, however, Sentinels had taken complete control of the game. It no longer felt like a Sentinels vs Vikings match, but a frag competition between the two North American duelists.

The beating of Vikings continued on Haven where Sentinels won the first 7 rounds. The latter put on so many Flawless that the event sponsors could rub their hands with glee. Despite the efforts of sutecas and frz , which allowed Vikings to win a few rounds and not get humiliated, nothing could stop the Sentinels machine. Team Vikings is now naturally relegated to the loser bracket, where they are unlikely to meet another team as formidable as Sentinels.

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