Valorant Masters 2 – Day 2: Recap and results

Welcome on our follow-up page of the Day 2 of the Valorant Masters 2 ! The Valorant Masters 2 brings together the 10 best teams in the world for the first international and LAN tournament in Valorant. It takes place from 23rd to 30th May 2020 in Iceland, every day of the week from 5pm. For more information on the format and schedule, please visit our tournament page.

Day 2 Matches

This second day of the Masters 2 was marked by the entry of Sentinels, Team Vikings, X10 Esports and Team Liquid. Today, teams were playing the end of the Upper Bracket Round 2 that started yesterday.

StageTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
UB Round 2Team Vikings2 – 0X10 Esports
UB Round 2Team Liquid1 – 2Version1
UB Round 2Sentinels2 – 0FNATIC

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 2 : Récap et résultats - TeamVikings Logo -
Team Vikings
2 – 0

Icebox : 13 – 11
Ascent : 14 – 12
X10 Esports
X10 Esports

The first match of the evening was between Team Vikings and X10 Esports. On Icebox, the Vikings first set the pace. After a long technical timeout, X10 came back into the game but their opponents ended up winning 13 à 11, all without any win on objective, just by eliminating their opponents.

On Ascent, the X10 decided not to take duelists and it worked for them, at least at first. They won the first two rounds of the map without a single victim in their team. Here, the good cooperation of the X10 allowed them to fight on equal terms with the Vikings for most of the map. Patiphan has something to do with it, finishing the map with 20 kills. However, despite reaching overtime by a hair, X10 lost 12-14 to Vikings and joined the loser bracket.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 2 : Récap et résultats - TeamLiquid Logo -
Team Liquid
1 – 2

Split : 16 – 14
Ascent : 11 – 13
Haven : 4 – 13
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 2 : Récap et résultats - Version1 Logo -

The second match of the evening was Version1 against Team Liquid. This was the first time the North Americans and the Europeans faced each other and we can say that this match did not disappoint us! On Split, the two teams were evenly matched until the 10th round when Team Liquid started to take the lead. However, V1 fought hard and went into over time before finally losing 14 to 16.

On Ascent, the V1 had the upper hand from the start, even forcing Liquid to take a tactical time out in the 4th round. After the break, Team Liquid rallied to keep their opponents at bay. Finally, this second map was also very competitive and ended with a score of 13 to 11 in favour of the North Americans.

The first duel between NA and EU ended on Haven. Unlike the first two maps, we saw a very timid Team Liquid. The V1 were very efficient, especially after planting their spikes, with effys preventing his opponents from getting close to the objective thanks to his Sova. The Liquids took on water and fell into the loser bracket after this second defeat 4-13. The first point of the opposition between the two regions goes to NA!

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 2 : Récap et résultats - Sentinels Logo -
2 – 0

Icebox : 13 – 11
Haven : 13 – 10

The last match of the evening was another meeting between NA and EU! Would Europe take revenge on North America?

The first map of the match was Icebox. This map with large corridors allowed ShahzaM and his Operator to have 20 kills at the end of round 12! On the Fnatic side, players could count on Mistic to grab a few rounds. Sentinels ended up winning 13 to 11, thanks in particular to their excellent timing, which allowed them to explode the Spike several times, even if they all stayed there. The North Americans thus left Icebox with a victory and go on to conquer Haven with confidence.

On this second map, Sentinels first took the lead thanks to TenZ on his Jett. However, the Europeans didn't want to give up so easily and managed to stay in the race for side change. Unfortunately, this was not enough and, once again, North American won the NA/EU duel on a 13-10. The two European teams of this Masters are now in the loser bracket and have no more room for error.

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