Valorant Masters 2 – Day 1: Recap and results

Welcome on our follow-up page of the Day 1 of the Valorant Masters 2 ! The Valorant Masters 2 brings together the 10 best teams in the world for the first international and LAN tournament in Valorant. It takes place from 23rd to 30th May 2020 in Iceland, every day of the week from 5pm. For more information on the format and schedule, please visit our tournament page.

Day 1 Matches

The launch of the Valorant Masters 2 saw the different metas and playstyles go head to head for the first time. The first day was the one for the second place teams from the major regions of the circuit, Europe and North America. They met teams from Argentina and Japan in a series of unseen matches.

StageTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
UB Round 1Fnatic2 – 0KRÜ Esports
UB Round 1Version12 – 0Crazy Raccoon
UB Round 2Young Sharks1 – 2NUTURN Gaming

2 – 0

Haven : 13 – 5
Icebox : 13 – 4
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 1 : Récap et résultats - KRUEsports Logo -
KRU Esports

This opening match of the Valorant Masters 2 had the particularity to start with a round without duelists. A choice that is justified when you want to concentrate on pure tactical decisions and when team cohesion is exemplary. While Fnatic excels in this area, this is clearly not the case for KRÜ Esports. While the Europeans successfully deployed their game on Haven, the South American team smacked of amateurism, giving the impression that the players didn't listen to each other and didn't synchronise their actions. This was particularly true about the Lockdown, which did not even cover the entire area around the Spike.

What followed was not much better. We were worried before the Masters that the Brazilian and South American teams never played on Icebox. Fnatic took full advantage of this Achilles heel, especially Derke on his Jett who seemed to have a lot of fun eliminating his lost opponents on the map. In the end, even though KRÜ Esports showed a real talent for pistol rounds (they won them all in this BO3), their lack of teamwork and repeated mistakes allowed Fnatic to win easily.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 1 : Récap et résultats - Version1 Logo -
2 – 0

Ascent : 13 – 11
Icebox : 13 – 10
Crazy Raccoon
Crazy Raccoon

The second match of the tournament was much closer. On Ascent, Version1 and Crazy Racoon were about equal. Initially, the aggressions from Zellsis and Penny succeeded, resulting in numerous rounds of elimination. Crazy Racoon started to recover shortly before the side change, especially Munchkin who caught up very well with his American counterpart. In the end, Version1 won on Ascent, but not by much.

However, the balance was off on Icebox. It seemed as if both teams had not prepared for Defense on this map. Verison1 finished their Attack phase winning 9 rounds to 3. It was thought that they would confirm easily, but they paid for their double duelist composition for a while. It was Crazy Racoon's turn to string together Attack wins after side change. Finally, the game ended with a Version1 victory, as the operator of Penny echoed after each of his kills.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 1 : Récap et résultats - SharksEsports Logo -
Young Sharks
1 – 2

Haven : 13 – 5
Bind : 5 – 13
Ascent : 5 – 13

A radical clash of styles in the final match of Day 1. Young Sharks got off to a flying start by imposing their rhythm on the Koreans from NUTURN Gaming. The latter were simply no match for the dynamism and precision of their opponents who were performing a series of combat feats. Despite some interesting and original strategies, NUTURN was not able to worry the Sharks on Haven.

And then, everything turned around from the second map. Once on Bind and on Attacker side, NUTURN imposed its rhythm to the fight from the second round of the game. Peri, in particular, gave his opponents a real nightmare with his Omen. Omnipresent and often where he was not expected, he allowed his team to win 10 rounds before side change. The Koreans only had to confirm this afterwards, closing Bind on a score of 13-5 with only one round having gone to the objective.

NUTURN's superiority reached a higher level on Ascent. The team took control of the game immediately and followed up with Flawless to win the first 3 rounds on their Defense phase before ending it on a 10-2. Despite some nice retakes by the Sharks at side change, NUTURN easily confirmed their victory once the economy allowed them to buy weapons.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 1 : Récap et résultats - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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