Valorant Masters 2: Qualified teams

The Valorant Masters 2 marks a real turning point in the history of Valorant. It's the first LAN tournament, but more importantly, it's the first tournament that will bring together teams from all over the world. Let's take a look at the 10 teams qualified for the event.

Slots distribution

Riot Games has decided to allocate a different number of slots per region. This number is determined on several criteria, such as the numbers of players on Valorant, the popularity of its competitions and the overall level of the region concerned.

In the end, the Valorant Masters 2 brings together:

  • 2 North-American teams
  • 2 EMEA teams
  • 2 Brazilian teams
  • 1 Korean team
  • 1 Japanese team
  • 1 South East Asian team
  • 1 Latin American Team

The EMEA teams are those that have qualified through the Challengers EMEA. At the next Masters, Oceania will join the competition through the North American qualifications.

Teams qualified for the Valorant Masters 2

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - Sentinels Logo -
Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - Version1 Logo -
Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - TeamLiquid Logo -
Team Liquid
X10 Esports
X10 Esports
Crazy Raccoon
Crazy Raccoon
Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - KRUEsports Logo -
KRU Esports

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - TeamVikings Logo -
Team Vikings
Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - SharksEsports Logo -
Sharks Esports

Qualifications are not yet complete in all regions. We will update this article when we know all the participants.

Presentation of the teams

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - Sentinels Logo - Sentinels

Since Valorant's inception, Sentinels has established itself as the benchmark team in the US. If there was competition in the early months, it's now far behind. The temporary recruitment of TenZ has particularly strengthened Sentinels' position.

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - Version1 Logo - Version1

Version1 is the little team on the rise in North America. Most of its players made the transition from CS:GO to Valorant in early 2021 and the team is only getting stronger. They've managed to beat all of the top teams in the region, with the exception of Sentinels, and qualify for the Masters 2.

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - TeamLiquid Logo - TeamLiquid

Team Liquid has come a long way. The team has been very active for a long time, but had never really been successful. Since the arrival of Jampi, a player capable of being as fiery as ScreaM or as meticulous as Soulcas, the team has only improved to the point of being the best in EMEA.

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - Fnatic Logo - Fnatic

The Fnatic have returned to success for the first time since they dropped the name Sumn FC at the Challengers 2. Their strategies, based on finely tuned setups and skillshots, are formidable when the team manages to play their game. It's a unique style that we can't wait to see against other regions of the world.

Valorant Masters 2 : Les équipes qualifiées - NuturnGaming Logo - NUTURN Gaming

The qualification of NUTURN Gaming is quite surprising. This Korean team was the perennial number 2, able to beat anyone but Vision Strikers. Things changed in the final stages of the Challengers Phase 2 where NUTURN defeated their rivals for the first time, allowing them to reach the Valorant Masters 2.

X10 Esports X10 Esports

X10 Esports is a new team that won every tournament since its formation. They won the Valorant Masters in Phase 1 and were rarely challenged. They are another team in this Valorant Masters 2 that has never really met any resistance. It remains to be seen how they will react under the pressure of the international scene.

Crazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon

Crazy Raccoon has ruled the Japanese Valorant scene for quite some time. With the exception of Absolute Jupiter on rare occasions, no one is able to compete with this team, which has won every VCT stage it has entered, including the first Valorant Masters.

KRU Esports KRÜ Esports

The KRÜ Esports étaient un peu les éternels seconds dans les compétitons latino-américaines de Valorant, vaincus lors des finales par des équipes comme Australs ou Wygers Argentina. Cependant, ils ont réussi à élever petit à petit leur niveau de jeu jusqu’à remporter sans trop de difficultés les Challengers Finals d’Amérique Latine.

Team Vikings Team Vikings

Team Vikings domine sans conteste la scène brésilienne. Ils ont remporté les premiers Challengers de chaque phase ainsi que les Masters 1 BR. Jusqu’à la finale des Challengers Finals, ils n’ont concédé aucune map et se qualifient sans soucis pour les Masters 2.

Sharks Esports Sharks Esports

Sharks Esports est une équipe qui s’est lancée sur Valorant en mars 2021. Elle s’est rapidement placée dans le top 4 brésilien, notamment en finissant 3-4ème lors des 2 Challengers de la phase 2. Il sera intéressant de voir comment cette jeune équipe se positionnera sur la scène internationale.

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