Valorant Masters 2 – Day 6: Recap and results

Welcome on our follow-up page of the Day 6 of the Valorant Masters 2 ! The Valorant Masters 2 brings together the 10 best teams in the world for the first international and LAN tournament in Valorant. It takes place from 23rd to 30th May 2020 in Iceland, every day of the week from 5pm. For more information on the format and schedule, please visit our tournament page.

Day 6 Matches

This sixth day belonged to Fnatic! The Europeans won the two BO3 necessary to qualify for the final, even if it meant disqualifying NUTURN Gaming and especially their rivals, Team Liquid. It wasn't easy, but Fnatic overcame all the obstacles. All they have to do now is get their revenge on Sentinels tomorrow to be crowned the current Valorant champions.

StageTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
LB Round 1Fnatic2 - 0Team Liquid
LB Round 1NUTURN Gaming1 - 2Fnatic

2 - 0

Bind: 13 - 10
Ascent: 13 - 10
Valorant Masters 2 - Day 6 : Recap and results - TeamLiquid Logo -
Team Liquid

The encounter between Fnatic and Team Liquid is far from new, but it's always fun to watch. Both teams know each other very well and can therefore effectively adapt their play styles to those of the other. For Fnnatic, this means adopting a strategy close to the hit and run. Magnum, on Skye, for example, would take great pleasure in going around Liquid to shoot them in the back, before immediately throwing a bird to cover his retreat and deter Liquid from pursuing him. For Team Liquid, it was a matter of literally flying over all of Fnatic's traps and smoke bombs, whether it was using Sage's wall set up by ScreaM or taking advantage of the abilities of the Jett of Jampi.

The game started on Bind with a clear advantage for Fnatic, always so formidable in Attack on this map. It wasn't until an unexpected win in an eco round that Liquid really got into the game. Juggling between his Operator and his knives, Jampi became the real carry of his team. Even though he was doing well, his efforts only kept him in the game, but not really got the better of Fnatic. Indeed, Doma and Boaster were also in great shape. They regularly managed to corner one or two players in a corner of the map before eliminating them with explosives. Fnatic then won their first map of the day.

Team Liquid seemed to pick up once on Ascent, despite a risky bet: let Fnatic put the Spike down and play retakes. Fnatic being the kings of post-plant, this strategy was worrying. However, by constantly playing against the clock, delaying decals or launching assaults in relation to their abilities, they managed to catch Fnatic off guard and have the advantage at side change, 8-5. The rest of the match could only be summed up in one word: chaos. Shootouts and explosions were flying in all directions, and rounds ended with miraculous 4k's from Magnum. In the end, Fnatic ended up winning the majority of these skirmishes and draining the Liquid economy, allowing them to easily win the rounds they needed to win the map.

1 - 2

Bind: 8 - 13
Ascent: 13 - 8
Haven: 8 - 13

This new BO3 started like the previous one: Fnatic in Attack on Bind. Even though NUTURN Gaming is also strong on this map, they were not strong enough to really worry the Europeans. NUTURN won the pistol round by a narrow margin, but was not able to confirm the try in the second round. From then on, the wheels where in motion for Fnatic, who won two rounds of four, giving them a comfortable lead at side change. Once NUTURN in Attack, their strategy was to intercept the defenders' rotations. At this little game, Peri and Lakia were very good and the team was back in score, 8-8. But once the economy was in their favour, Fnatic once again won Bind, but not without some scares.

NUTURN Gaming was not about to give up. They were going to play on their favourite field this time: Ascent. The Koreans looked extremely comfortable there, the placement of the stars of peri on Astra or the line-ups of Lakia on Sova were impeccable. But the real star of this round was undoubtedly Allow on Jett. The player was constantly piercing Fnatic's defenses and twirling from one smoke to another to pick up kills in complete safety. Despite the prowess of Derke in fighting, he was not enough to stop NUTURN. The advantage the Koreans had gained on Attack was enough to allow them to match the Defense and win the game as the rounds began the even out.

The final of the lower bracket was finally decided on Haven. Everything seemed to be going well at the beginning, with NUTURN winning the first two rounds. But these victories rested entirely on the shoulders of Lakia who made several 4Ks throughout the map. Once Lakia was eliminated, Fnatic had a much easier time winning. With Fnatic leading 10-4, NUTURN mustered their last bit of strength to win a nice series of rounds, the whole team acting as one to rout the European defenders. But it was not enough. The game ended under the shots of Boaster, qualifying his team for the Grand Final.

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