Valorant Masters 2 – Day 5: Recap and results

Welcome on our follow-up page of the Day 5 of the Valorant Masters 2 ! The Valorant Masters 2 brings together the 10 best teams in the world for the first international and LAN tournament in Valorant. It takes place from 23rd to 30th May 2020 in Iceland, every day of the week from 5pm. For more information on the format and schedule, please visit our tournament page.

Day 5 Matches

This fifth day of the Valorant Masters 2 is the transition between the first stages of the tournament and the final stages. At the end of the tournament, only 4 teams can still claim the title of Valorant Masters. Among them, there are our two European teams who managed to stay in the lower bracket.

StageTeam 1ScoreTeam 2
LB Round 1Version 10 – 2Fnatic
LB Round 1Team Vikings0 – 2Team Liquid
UB Demi-Finale 1Sentinels2 – 0NUTURN Gaming

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 5 : Récap et résultats - Version1 Logo -
2 – 0

Icebox : 12 – 14
Ascent : 6 – 13

It was time for a rematch between Europe and USA. Fnatic and Version1 are two teams with very similar play-styles and it looked like it was going to be a close game. Fnatic had the early lead on Icebox. The skill combinations that the team is known for worked very well in the early rounds. But Version1 is probably the best inheritor of these strategies and was able to come back perfectly by using them against their creators. Most of the rounds were very close and no one had the lead in scoring. In the end, it was pure fighting skills that decided the tie in over-time, where Fnatic came up short thanks to some great duels won by Boaster.

The rest of the match was played on Ascent. Even though this was the map chosen by Version1, the Americans were surprised by the European tactics. Fnatic quickly took control of the Defense by countering all of Version1's offensives with flashes and smokes. It was the duo Doma and Derke who gave them a hard time, both players regularly managing to get behind their enemies' backs. Despite the solid offerings of Vanity on Astra, both in combat and strategy, Fnatic constantly countered their opponents by throwing themselves into the lion's den. A strategy that paid off and allowed Fnatic to eliminate the Americans and stay in the tournament.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 5 : Récap et résultats - TeamVikings Logo -
Team Vikings
2 – 0

Ascent : 8 – 13
Haven : 5 – 13
Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 5 : Récap et résultats - TeamLiquid Logo -
Team Liquid

If the previous match was about the most strategic teams, the match between Vikings and Liquid was about the most aggressive teams. Unfortunately for the Brazilians, they still have a long way to go to match the Europeans on this field. It must be said that Liquid have perfected their art. They days when ScreaM totalled all the kills of the team are long gone, Jampy and L1NK also proving particularly formidable in combat on Ascent. As a result, Vikings' deulists (including one Yoru... !) never had a real impact.

The scenario was repeated on Haven. This time, not content with dominating in battle, Team Liquid showed exemplary cohesion in the use of their abilities. Effectively combining the slows of Sage (ScreaM) with the offensive abilities of Brimstone (L1NK) and Killjoy (Jampy), Team Liquid pulverised their opponents as soon as they tried to plant the Spike. They finally won the map and will meet Fnatic for a fratricidal duel in the semi-finals of the lower bracket.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 5 : Récap et résultats - Sentinels Logo -
2 – 0

Bind : 13 – 5
Haven : 13 – 4

This Winner Bracket final didn't quite live up to the hype. Even though NUTURN Gaming had managed to beat Version1 following some improbable comebacks on Day 4, Sentinels was far too serious an opponent for them to hope to make it through again. Probably aware of the level gap, NUTURN relied on Bind and its Attack phase by selecting only duelists and initiators. A strategy that did not give the expected results, as the conceded 8 of the 12 rounds of this first phase. Their chances of coming back without a Sentinel once in Defense were almost nil and we could already feel NUTURN conceding the match.

The fight continued on Haven, a wise choice of map for Sentinels. The latter are particularly at ease there, whereas NUTURN lost all its games in this tournament. Moreover, the Koreans went out their way no to play Sentinels, which is quite audacious on a three-point map. Lakia and Suggest were far from being ridiculous in combat, but it was hard to compete with TenZ and especially Sick, who achieved 20 kills for 10 deaths, with 31% headshots.

Sentinels thus easily qualifies for the Valorant Masters 2 Grand Final.

Valorant Masters 2 - Jour 5 : Récap et résultats - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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