Valorant LOCK//IN Brazil Tournament: Schedule and Results

This year, the Valorant Champions Tour begins with a major international event, namely the LOCK//IN Brazil. This first tournament, the only one of its kind in the history of Valorant, will see 32 teams compete over three weeks. All the teams have been allocated into two groups, Alpha and Omega.

The Lock In Brazil will feature 3 phases distinct :

  • Alpha Group matches: 13th-19th February,
  • Omega Group matches: 22nd-27th February,
  • The final phase from 2nd to 4th March.

Alpha Group Planning

All matches are BO3.

Mon 13/026pmM1KOI0 - 2NRG
Mon 13/029pmM2Detonation FocusMe0 - 2Giants
Tue. 14/026pmM4FPX1 - 2Karmine Corp
Tue. 14/029pmM5BBL Esports1 - 2DRX
Tue. 14/0200hM6Cloud92 - 0Paper Rex
Wed. 15/026pmM7Team Heretics0 - 2Evil Geniuses
Wed. 15/029pmM8mibr0 - 2Talon Esports
Thu. 16/02 - match moved00hM3Gen.G0 - 2LOUD
Fri 17/026pmM9NRG2 - 1Giants
Fri 17/029pmM10LOUD2 - 0Karmine Corp
Sat. 18/026pmM11DRX2 - 1Cloud9
Sat. 18/029pmM12Evil Geniuses0 - 2Talon Esports
Sun. 19/026pmM13NRG1 - 2LOUD
Sun. 19/029pmM14DRX2 - 1Talon Esports

Planning of the Omega Group

All matches are BO3.

Wed. 22/026pmM15Team Liquid0 - 2Team Secret
Wed. 22/029pmM16Natus Vincere2 - 0KRÜ Esports
Wed. 22/0200hM17ZETA Division0 - 2Leviatán
Thu. 23/026pmM18Team Vitality2 - 1Global Esports
Thu. 23/029pmM19FUT Esports2 - 0Rex Regum Qeon
Thu. 23/0200hM20100 Thieves2 - 1EDward Gaming
Fri 24/026pmM21Sentinels0 - 2Fnatic
Fri 24/029pmM22T10 - 2FURIA
Sat. 25/026pmM23Team Secret0 - 2Natus Vincere
Sat. 25/029pmM24Leviatán2 - 0Team Vitality
Sun 26/026pmM25FUT Esports1 - 2100 Thieves
Sun 26/029pmM26Fnatic2 - 0FURIA
Mon. 27/026pmM27Natus Vincere2 - 0Leviatán
Mon. 27/029pmM28100 Thieves0 - 2Fnatic

Playoffs schedule

All matches are BO5.

Thu 02/036pmM29LOUD3 - 2DRX
Fri 03/036pmM30Natus Vincere0 - 3Fnatic
Sat. 04/036pmM31LOUD2 - 3Fnatic

To follow the matches of the VCT Lock In Brazil, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel.