Group Results – Valorant Champions

The first stage of the Valorant Champions is now over! The group phase was intense and there were as many happy and disappointed teams. Let's take a look at the result of the first matches, the teams that have qualified and those that have to go home early.

Group results

The 16 teams of the Valorant Champions were divided into four groups and competed all week for a place in the play-offs. 

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Qualified (Upper Bracket)AcendTeam LiquidGambit EsportsFnatic
Qualified (Lower Bracket)X10 EsportsKRÜ EsportsTeam SecretCloud9
DisqualifiedTeam Envy
Keyd Stars
Team Vikings
Crazy Raccoon
Vision Strikers
Full Sense

It's worth noting that all four EMEA teams have achieved a perfect record! All four teams involved in the competition won their matches and finished this first stage at the top of their respective groups.

On the other hand, it's quite surprising to see the defeats of teams like Sentinels, Team Vikings or Vision Strikers, who created the event throughout the year.

Group A

In group A, it was Acend and X10 Esports who progressed to the next stage of the competition, leaving behind Team Envy and Keyd Stars. It was not a foregone conclusion for Acend, who almost had to play an elimination match after their encounter with Keyd Stars. However, the event organisers quickly discovered that the Brazilians had exploited a bug on Cypher's Spy Cam during that match. A rematch took place and the European team won. The team was then able to face Team Envy, which it defeated 2-0. 

On the side of X10 Esports, the team lost its first match against Team Envy, but then managed to defeat Keyd Stars. They then managed to get their revenge on Envy by beating them 2-1, thus eliminating them from the competition. The American team was one of the favourites in their region after Sentinels, having achieved a top 2 finish during the Berlin Masters. But despite the close games, it was not enough to win. However, the performance of Jaccob 'yay' Whiteaker was commendable, as he single-handedly won several rounds for his team. As for theelimination of Keyd Stars, it was more or less expected, as Brazil has always had difficulties to shine internationally.

Group Results - Valorant Champions - valorant acend valorant champions -
The Acend team which finished first in Group A (© Riot Games)

Group B

As for Group B, Team Liquid and KRÜ Esports came out on top, with no real surprise for Team Liquid, which is thefavourite team in the EMEA region. Their match against KRÜ Esports was a walk in the park. Europe won 2-0, finishing the first map 13-5 and the second 13-8. Sentinels gave Liquid a bit more trouble, but nothing to really worry about and nothing to stop them from going on.

In this group, the surprise was created by Sentinels. While the team had dominated the entire VCT season, winning two Masters, they collapsed in the first phase of the competition. They were among the favourites for the World Championship title, despite their underperformance in Masters 3. Out of three matches, only one was won, that against Furia Esports. The American team was then defeated by Team Liquid and Krü Esports, both by a score of 2 to 1. They had managed to inflict a heavy defeat on their European opponents on Bind, finishing the map on a score of 13 to 2. But it wasn't enough and, despite an impressive TenZ, the Valorant Champions adventure ends here for Sentinels

This is also the case for Furia Esports, the second Brazilian team in the tournament. Like Keyd Stars, they were eliminated after losing both of their matches. They put up a good fight, however, and we hope to see them at the Valorant Champions next year.

Group Results - Valorant Champions - valorant Sentinels valorantchampions -
Sentinels, favourites for the competition, eliminated in the group stage (© Colin Young-Wolff)

Group C

In Group C, there were no surprises either as regards the first place of Gambit Esports. The Russian roster is considered one of the strongest at the moment and has been on top throughout the season, wining two Masters, including Berlin. Their meeting with Team Secret was a real carnage. Although the Gambits lost the first map, they won the next two by scores of 13 to 0 and 13 to 6! Team Vikings was a tougher opponent, but could not stop the Russian giant. 

Team Secret is the team that comes out second and which, despite its big loss against Gambit, managed to recover perfectly. The two victories that followed against Crazy Raccoon and Team Vikings were quick wins, ending in 2-0. The Filipino players conceded very few rounds and showed that they can be as good as European or American rosters.

The teams returning home are none other than Team Vikings and Crazy Raccoon. Such a result was expected for both rosters, and it's not surprising to find the m at the bottom of the table. Special mention to Gustavo "Sacy" Rossi, player of Team Vikings. He was MVP of all the matches, and was the key element of all these games, showing his best form on each map with Breach and Sova.

Group Results - Valorant Champions - valorant teamsecret valorantchampions -
Team Secret, which finished in 2nd place in Group C (© Riot Games)

Group D

The final group, dubbed "the group of death", saw Fnatic and Cloud9 Blue qualify for the quarter-finals. The European team had not been seen in international competition since their second place finish at the Reykjavik Masters, but did not disappoint their fans. In turn, they defeated Cloud9 and Vision Strikers, while the South Korean team started as favourites in their region. 

Thanks to Nathan "leaf" Orf, who was brilliant throughout the group stage, Cloud9 managed to bounce back from their loss to Fnatic to win their next two games. Their victory against Full Sense in 2-0 and Vision Strikers in 2-1 allowed them to move up to second place in the ranking.

Our Korean favourites made short work of Full Sense, winning both maps in 13-5, but failed to shine in the rest of the competition. As for the Thai team, although they had achieved good results throughout the season, they were unable to distinguish themselves during the event and thus finished in last place in their group.

Up next

Now that the group stage is over, the play-offs are about to begin. The eight teams remaining will give their all to secure their place in the semi-finals. The play-offs start on Wednesday 8th December at 6pm (CET) and will take place over two days.

Group results - Valorant Champions - valorant playoffs programme valorantchampions -
Valorant Champions play-offs programme

The semi-finals will be held on 10th and 11th December at 6pm (CET), and finally the grand final will take place on 12th December at 6pm (CET)! To make sure you don't miss anything, check out the official Valorant streams.

Official Twitch Stream (EN) - Official Trovo Stream (EN) - Official stream (FR)

You can also find all the results of the group stage in our dedicated article.

Group Results - Valorant Champions - valorant champions esports tour meta -

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