Valorant Challengers EU 3 – Play-in

The Play-in of the Valorant Challengers EU 3 are over. There are still 8 teams and only 4 places left for the Valorant Masters EU 1. Back to the week's best teams in Europe.

The results of the Valorant Challengers EU 3

Guild Esports2 - 0Entropiq
DfuseTeam2 - 0Vodafone Giants
HONK0 - 2Ballista Esports
Raise your Edge2 - 1Rix.GG

The encounter between Guild Esports and Entropiq was very tight, but in the end, Guild won. The team showed serious weaknesses in Defense against Entropiq's tight and methodical training. Fortunately, they were able to rely on Leo's talent to turn the tables. He finished the BO with 46 eliminations for 27 kills while playing support Agents. Next step, defeating Wave Esports for a place in the Masters.

Less suspense in the match DfuseTeam against Vodafone Giants. The French from Dfuse completely crushed the players of the Spanish organisation. If it was a one-way match, it's expected to be a much more complicated encounter against G2 Esports on Saturday night.

We don't really know Honk and Ballista Esports. Ballista won hands down against Honk, but it's difficult to judge their level. Are they really very strong and did they fall against rather weak opponents? We'll find out when they face Fnatic.

It was the tightest BO3 of the week. Rix.GG won the first map after an incredible comeback, before Raise Your Edge Gaming did the same on the next map. In the end, Raise Your Edge Gaming was the winner. They will therefore face OG Esports on Sunday evening for the last place in the Masters.

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