Valorant Challengers EU 3 – Play-off

This is the weekend of last chance for the eight teams that have reached the play-off of the Challengers EU 3. The winner of this third week will face the best teams of the previous weeks that failed to qualify for the Valorant Masters.

Play-off results

Matches will be broadcast on Twitch: in English | in French .

Wave Esports0 - 2Guild Esports
G2 Esports1 - 2DfuseTeam
Fnatic0 - 2Ballista Esports
OG Esports0 - 2Raise your Edge

Winners will join Alliance, Ninjas in Pyjamas, FunPlus Phoenix and Team Heretics in the first ever Valorant Masters.

This last weekend of competition was finally full of surprises.

In the first meeting, Guild Esports made short work of Wave Esports. Bonkar's team has been much maligned lately for its inability to convince in the most important moments. The team even failed to qualify for the Masters on a miss-click. But this time, the whole team was imperial. Special mention to the entry-frag of Yacine and the consistency of the Leo in the clashes.

Even though Dfuse Team had stomped the Vodafone Giants Thursday, they were not expected to beat G2 Esports for all that. The latter were as always relentless on Ascent and won the first map. But the pressure was reversed on the next map. The Dfuse players organized themselves around TaKaS (formidable on his Jett) and Logan and undermine the ancient kings of Europe. Despite the efforts of PaTiTekG2 Esports lost the next two rounds. It is therefore the small French structure that qualifies for the Masters.

Another surprise in the third meeting. We didn't know the Ballista Esports before this week, so to see them dominate Honk, but especially Fnatic, is particularly surprising. Their dual duelist formation (BaddyG and Xqv) worked miracles and even allowed the team to beat Fnatic on Bind. A real feat that opens the doors to the Valorant Masters EU.

Finally, Raise Your Edge also achieved an upset by beating OG Esports. The players simply made two consecutive stomps against one of the rising Valorant teams in Europe. So it's an almost unknown and unexpected third team to win their place in the Masters.

Funnily enough, it was all the winners of the Challengers 3 play-in who beat the remaining teams from Challengers 1 and 2.

We now know the 8 teams that will compete in the Valorant Masters EU 1.

The Play-Off of the Valorant Challengers EU 3 - valorant champions esports tour meta -

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