The LCQ NA is suspended indefinitely

Nothing is going right in the North American Last Chance Tournament. After numerous technical problems, health considerations have led Riot Games to suspend the LCQ NA for the time being..

Quick reminder of the situation: Riot Games has decided to celebrate the Last Chance NA by bringing all the players together on one stage. However, since some players were unable to attend, it was decided that the competition would be played on the online servers. A decision that raised many questions, since that in addition to having given the players the feeling that they came for nothing, they were also confronted with network performances of a poor quality for an esports tournament, especially for such an important one.

But the competition was hit by a new problem yesterday, when it was revealed that several people at the tournament tested positive for COVID-19. In accordance with current laws and in order to protect the health of both players and staff, Riot Games has taken the decision to suspend the LCQ NA. The rest of the games will be played remotely and online, as all VCT games so far.

Given the events of the past few days, out of an abundance of caution and with the health and safety of all involved being top of mind, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the event until further notice. Player and staff safety remain our top concern as we navigate the current situation.

We share the community's disappointment and we are working diligently to transition LCQ to an online event, similar to VCT matches earlier this year, and resume play as soon as possible to send our final team to VALORANT Champions.

We will share more details as they become available.

Official statement of the Valorant Esports NA Twitter account

Organising a LAN seems to have been a premature decision given the many technical and human challenges in the midst of the pandemic. The decision to postpone the competition only adds fuel to the fire regarding regarding the management of the competition across the Atlantic. While most fans applauded the decision not to put those involved in the event at unnecessary risk, others pointed to the fact that Australia was deprived of Valorant Champions because the various teams could not attend the LCQ NA. And that's not to mention the sense of wasted time (and money) that is growing for both the players and their organisations, after an already complicated week to manage.

In any case, the LCQ NA is suspended for the time being, until the situation is cleared up and the players can return home to play online tournaments.