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The launch dates of the Valorant Champions Tour

With the beginning of 2021, it's time for Riot Games to unveil their plans for Valorant esports. We now know the launch dates of the Valorant Champions Tour for each region.

As a reminder, the Valorant Champions Tour is the official competitive circuit of Valorant. It's divided into four stages, the first three (the Valorant Challenger) allowing to qualify for the last in December 2021 (the Valorant Champions, the world championships).

Latin America will be the first region to enter the competition, starting 26th January 2021. It will be followed by Brazil and Korea on 30th January. North America will kick off on 3rd February, while Oceania will launch on 5th. Finally, Europe, Russia and Turkey will launch on 11th February 2021.

Launch dates of the Valorant Champions Tour by region
Launch dates of the Valorant Champions Tour by region

These dates were announced during the Episode 2 preview live. It was Kasra Jafroodi, Global Esports Business Strategy at Riot Games, who was on air at the time. He took the opportunity to give some details about Riot's goals.

We have received confirmation that due to the global pandemic, the Valorant Masters (the final matches of the Valorant Challengers) will be played online. Riot Games are of course hoping that the situation will be resolved for the world championships, or at least that solutions can be found in order to have the first international meeting of Valorant.

Whatever happens, the Valorant Champions will be the biggest Valorant event of the year, according to Kasra. It would be the opportunity to celebrate the best Valorant teams and players of the year. The event will then run for 2 full weeks.

Finally, the main goal for Riot Games this year is to highlight the personalities and invidivual skills of the players. The goal is to identify the most talented players and tell their stories, their alliances, but above all their rivalries. A desire that goes in the direction of the new restriction of ranked games to solo and duo players.

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All you need to know about the Valorant Champions Tour 2021