Top bracket final will be between M3C and Team Liquid - LCQ EMEA

On the last day of the EMEA CQL, two teams were eliminated, namely Acend and BBL Esports. If the season has taken off for these structures, others are still competing. After winning their first match of the tournament, M3C and Team Liquid repeated the feat on the fourth day. By winning their second match, these two rosters qualified for the final of the upper bracket. On the other hand, OG LDN UTD and Natus Vincere are now in the lower bracket and have no room for error.

OG LDN UTD put up a good fight

Against the finalists of the Valorant Champions 2021, OG LDN UTD players gave it their all to win. Nevertheless, against nAts and sheydos, OGs, who were determined to win this match, lost 2-1.

However, OG LDN UTD fought back well in the first half on Bind. After two conceded rounds, feqew managed to get in two 3Ks in rounds 3 and 4, giving OG the first points. Jaddy, in round 7, knocked out four opponents to put his team back in the lead. The OGs fought back well and went on to win four more. At the changeover, the team led 7-5. Unfortunately for them, the M3C proved to be unstoppable in defence. Out of nine sets played, M3C won eight. Chronicle took advantage of their latest winning streak to pull in two superb 4Ks. Final score: 13-8 for M3C.

The confrontation over Icebox resulted in a match lasting over an hour. Extra time was needed, and it took 28 rounds to decide between the two teams. At the end of the first half, they were perfectly even. A special mention goes to the performance of sheydos, who chained a 4k in round 11 and an Ace in round 12. After the changeover, the M3Cs took the lead by defusing the spike four times in a row, then came back to lose six out of seven sets. OG failed to take the missing point straight away, but finally made it happen in overtime. Final score: 15-13.

nAts then dominated Ascent to give his team the match. The Russian player showed all his skills with Astra, and accumulates 31 kills, with 8 double kills and 3 triple kills, for only 11 deaths. M3C won the pistol round, then the next one and two more. Their Attack executions were clean and effective. At the changeover, they lead by a wide margin, 9 to 3. OG LDN UTD will have closed the gap a little by taking the first four rounds of the second half. Nevertheless, M3C finally won 13-8.

Thanks to this new victory, the former Gambit Esports team reaches the final of the top bracket. They will now face Team Liquid for a place in the Grand Final of the LCQ. The OG LDN UTD are in the lower bracket and will face Guild Esports.

A meeting full of suspense!

In the last three meetings between Team Liquid and Natus Vincere, Team Liquid has won twice. The most recent match was in the group stage of the second Challengers EMEA last June. NaVi lost, but not without giving their opponents a hard time. Yesterday, the team was again unable to win. However, despite the final score 2-0, the roster will have given Team Liquid's players many doubts.

Natus Vincere has selected Breeze, as the first map for this match. This was a rather bold choice. With only 25% of wins on the map, against 87% for Team Liquid, NaVi started at a statistical disadvantage. Liquid's dominance was soon apparent.

Jampi knocked out three opponents in the first round, then Nivera eliminates four in round 3. Team Liquid took the lead and dominated 5-0. However, the trend was reversed in the next round. NaVi won one round, then a second, and finally came back to win. Team Liquid took a final round, before losing on round 12 thanks to a 3K from Cloud.

At the changeover, the two teams were perfectly even. In the second half, NaVi takes over for a while, but Team Liquid quickly sets the pace. Nivera Another superb 4K in round 16. Very solid, the team with the two brothers managed to increase the gap in the score. Team Liquid finally wins 13-9, after a last clutch of Nivera.

The suspense was even greater on Fracture, the two teams traded wins and losses continuously. Nevertheless, after fifty-four minutes of play, it was Team Liquid who finally took the point.

A very close game on Fracture - LCQ EMEA - Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere
Image from VLR.GG

In total, the roster totalled five different 4Ks. If Nivera was the star of the previous game, this time it was ScreaM, soulcas, dimasick and Jamppi who shone. The latter holds two of the five 4Ks, and has even achieved one of the most beautiful clutches of this match. The player finishes the card with a very good KDA of 28/18/5.

We'll let you enjoy some of Team Liquid's other great actions. It would be a shame not to enjoy the final 4K of ScreaM though...

Soulcas and Dimasick are on fire!

ScreaM finishes on a high note

The next games in the LCQ EMEA are playoffs. The first is between Natus Vincere and G2 Esports, and the second between OG LDN UTD and Guild Esports. Both matches are scheduled for today, at 4pm CEST and 7pm CEST.

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