Team Liquid defeats Team Heretics in VCT EMEA

All over the world, the teams of the franchised leagues are competing one after the other. During the eleventh day of the VCT EMEA, Team Vitality faced the French Karmine Corp, while Giants Gaming faced BBL Esports. We offer you a recap of these two matches, which ended in victory for Vitality on the one hand, and Giants Gaming on the other.

MAP 1 - Split
Team Liquid 13 - 8 Team Heretics

MAP 2 - Fracture
Team Liquid 17 - 15 Team Heretics

MAP 3 - Icebox
Not played

For both teams, this was the fifth match of the regular season. Team Liquid had already won twice in four games, beating FUT Esports and Karmine Corp. The Team Heretics, on the other hand, were not so successful, only managing to knock off KCORP in the four games they played. Both teams were determined to take an extra point to the general ranking, and this was felt throughout the game.

Team Liquid defeats Team Heretics on Split - VCT EMEA 2023
Image from VRL.GG

Undefeated on Split since the beginning of the tournament - which represents three wins - Team Liquid chose to face the Heretics on this map to start this match. From the very first rounds, this choice paid off. The duo Jamppi and Sayf is unstoppable, even when outnumbered. Team Liquid quickly set the pace. The multiple eliminations of Redgar, nAts and Sayf put the opposition's defences to the test and took a 10-2 lead at the end of the first half.

However, the dominance of the Liquid ends with the change. Driven by keloqz, the Heretics were very aggressive, but they recovered and won the next two rounds. Unfortunately for them, Sayf was always present in this game and thwarted their plans of attack. The Frenchman was determined not to let his feet be trodden on and gave his team another victory. Thanks to this win, Team Heretics consolidated their economy and took advantage of the opportunity to score four more points. However, their efforts were not enough, as Team Liquid ended up winning 13 to 8.

Heretics loses to Team Liquid on Fracture - VCT EMEA 2023
Image from VRL.GG

Both teams then switched on Fracture, this was a bold choice on the part of Heretics, who were not successful on this map, while Liquid seemed to have mastered it well, accumulating two wins in two games played. However, the match was much closer than the statistics would predict. It took a total of 32 rounds to decide between the two teams.

The first half was a back-and-forth affair, with both sides doing very well individually and collectively. After twelve ends, the two teams are neck and neck, with the Heretics only two points behind. The second half did not allow either side to win.

Once again, the ten players were efficient and put on a good show. The tenth round was particularly electric, as Sayf managed to eliminate four opponents, before AvovA, the only survivor, took down as many enemies in his turn.

The pressure was on when Team Liquid came close to victory at the end of round 22, but the Heretics kept their cool to get the overtime. Like the rest of the game, this period was an alternation of wins and losses. Already good on Split, nAts, the former M3C, was even more effective. He stopped Team Heretics' progress in round 28, taking down four players, and then gave his mates victory by surprising two enemies behind their backs in round 32. Final score: 17-15.

Two new matches will be held today, Thursday 20th April. The first will pit FUT Esports against Giant Gaming, the second KOI against the undefeated players of the season, who are none other than Fnatic. If you want to follow the matches, go to the Twitch channel of the French League.